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  • Trying #thefaceshop #masksheet for the second time. 
I kinda like how it feels on the skin. My skin feels hydrated. Lemme know how’s your experience with the mask sheet.
  • Being a makeup artist first thing people always ask is "What should I use to get rid of acne marks?" "How do I get an even skin tone?" "How to get rid of acne? For that matter. Well, I'll be as honest and blunt as I can, and I don't want to make any false promises or give wrong information out there.
Okay! So in eleven months of fashion and media course from Pearl Academy, we learnt a lot about skin, hair and makeup. But in any beauty or makeup school, you will not learn how to treat some skin problems. They will teach you about skin, for example, the types of surfaces, the kind of skin diseases, colour theories to cover up those marks with the help of makeup. But definitely not the treatments.
For that, some people invest their time and money in studying and get their Doctor's degree in the skin speciality, and they are called "Dermatologists". Just like somebody gets a heart attack, they go to a cardiologist not to some heartbreak healer to treat their heart issues, or if somebody gets a bone dislocated you don't visit a gym trainer, you go to an orthopaedic. As a gym trainer can tell you a lot about bone structures but definitely can not do a fracture treatment. Similarly, the skin is the largest organ of our body. When you got issues with that, you need a dermatologist to treat that not a makeup artist. As everybody is different, so as the eating habits and skin issues.
I know my example skills literally sucks sometimes, but that's what I mean to say, a beauty influencer or some makeup artist cant treat that acne issues or skin diseases for you. You need an expert to handle it. But yes, one thing we can definitely do is to let you know how to or what to use to hide your skin concerns.
I can't fix your skin issues permanently, but I can definitely let you know what you can do to hide your imperfections with the help of makeup temporarily. So let's get started with understanding the importance of colour correction in our makeup routine.... Read the full blog⁉️ click on Link in bio ⁉️ #makeup#beauty#beautybloggers#bloggersofinstagram#makeuplife#wakeupandmakeup#mua#makeupartistsworldwide#makeupfix#beautyblog#teejaysays ☺️
  • In the end, it all about love! 😍It sees no boundaries, no religion or gender! So why not we all get a little more #kind and #respectful to each other! 🙏
In the celebrations of #LGBTQ #pridemonth I posted a blog on my website⁉️Click on the link in bio. .

#lgbtq #pridemonth #pride #nojudgement #instagay #love #peace #happiness ☺️❤️