Hi I am Jyotsna. With an experience of 12 years under my sleeves, digital marketing was always my game. I enjoy analytics, insights and numbers.

It took me a U-Turn to understand my passion. Which clearly is able to work and network with likeminded people.

The more handshakes, more success.

Hi, Welcome to Teejaysays

We like to be called brand strategists that thrive on solutions, insights, and numbers!

Brand Strategy

A brand strategy is more than just investing in Ads and paid campaigns. Every brand has a story that captivates its users. We co-create with our clients and help them with their brand needs.

Targeted Marketing Solutions

We understand the urge of hitting the right spot.

Let’s hit on that call button and discuss on it.

PPC, SMO, Brand Solutions

When talking about ROI and ROAS lot of brands suffer from not getting the right result. But I’ve invested so much. Well, digital marketing is the art of understanding people.

Digital Marketing is just not running Google Ads Campains or Facebook Ads. It’s a LIT mix of marketing strategies and numbers.


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