Why we need “SEX ED” in India


The scent of the newly bought books always dazzled me. I loved smelling the fragrances of the new books. New classes, new friends, and new subjects everything about a new class session fascinated me. Here 14 years old me going through my Science textbook, saw the 10th Chapter and quickly closed it. Why? That chapter was “Reproduction”. We always skipped this chapter till the last session, as our teacher said “It’s not important” and there we all believed in it.

I still remember when one of my classmate, she got her first period and the stains on her white skirt. She was ashamed, humiliated. Not because it was all natural and normal for a teenage girl to get it, because she didn’t know herself what just happened with her.

And then there we used to get closed sessions from big brands like Whisper and Stayfree, who used to visit our school and promote their products. There I learnt that it was okay to get periods and that it was okay to get stains. The only thing that always bothered me was why my male classmates were not given education about it. Why they were left untouched in these seminars.

Today, I realized how important that 10th Chapter was, how that small discussion my Science teacher skipped could have helped us in a long way. How tell us that sex is not a taboo and how we can embrace it rather than just think about those diagrams and make fun of each other’s private parts.

It was important to teach us about various factors that revolve around just one word “SEX”. In 2012 when Nirbhaya was gang raped and was left to die. There I released how important it was. Today when that little soul Afisa was gang raped it awakened me again. In both the cases a juvenile was a part of this crime. We need our kids to know what it is all about. Don’t tell them it’s something to run away from; don’t scare them with the consequences. Teach them what this fuss is all about. Tell them you cannot force someone to intercourse with you. Teach them the good touch and a bad touch.

Don’t tell your daughters to hide their legs, arms and cleavage. Tell them to be fiercer, tell them to be bold. Tell your son that you can’t force your manliness onto someone. Teach them the difference between yes and no. Let’s understand it, the ways I dint know about this, similarly my other male classmates dint know about it either.

SEX is not a taboo. It’s not a bad thing, we just need to see it as normal as we see other things in life. Let’s start the preaching at home and guide our kids for a better future. So that we don’t have to lit a candle and march to India Gate.

Together lets change the vision of seeing things and save the young souls. So no other Afisa gets killed and lost in the stars and no other juvenile destroy his life behind the bars.

By teejaysays

Together we unite, let love guide you through!

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