Why “Toxic Positivity” is a harmful trend!


Alright!! Today I am gonna talk about something that I have dealt from time to time and I am sure a lot of us are dealing with it right now considering the circumstances that we are in today’s world.

“Good vibes only!”, “Fake it till you make it!”, “Don’t worry be happy!” are some of the most common phrases that we use in our day to day life. Not only we have created a façade around this positive mindset. Also, it has literally made everything so plastic. Grieve, pain, unhappiness, sorrow are just not synonyms, they are actual human emotions that we go through time to time.

Then why this fake ass toxicity around this half hearted happiness. In today’s world where we count money as the biggest happiness, I see people go insecure looking at each other’s perfect social media life. Honestly, I have done that too, there were times when I was breaking from inside with that smile on the face & sorrow in the eyes. Whom are we fooling at the end? I mean travelling in that Mercedes didn’t give me that happiness that I get now in my i10 when I drive it. That diamond ring on finger or those vacations in every 15 days couldn’t make me happy at all. But for the world it was all perfect. I had an amazing life, the Instagram was lit AF. All those “spread positivity” kind of captions on my pictures, ahhh!! I am ashamed.

Being a survivor of an "acute suicidal ideation disorder" as a teenager. I started noticing the same pattern in my behavior. Those panic attacks were swirling back into my life again. That's when I decided to not be the victim of this toxic positivity and get back onto the track again. Today I feel I have never been in such a peace but when I post anything on my social media people start assuming that I am going through some shit. But no, I now have the guts to express who I am. Today, I have the luxury of mental peace! 

Today we all are stuck in the situation that we never thought that we would be in. People are dying, you cant meet or greet your loved ones, every family is going through some deep shit. Still I see on social media bright smiles & empty eyes. But nobody talks about it. Like if you share that you’re going through something, you’ll be boycotted or considered as needy!

But yeah one thing I must applaud, are the trends around mental health, suddenly everybody start jumping on the bandwagon and spread awareness about mental health. Legit, the people who doesn’t even have time to ask their own friends or family about their whereabouts when they need you in real life, becomes life coaches. Giving positive speeches & sharing information around positive mindset.

I am not here to spread negativity, all I want people to understand that this trend of “toxic positivity” is making us more helpless. People are ashamed of feeling their emotions nowadays. Cause they fear their friends would not like them or their parents wont understand. Or it would not look good on the gram.

Damn, can we please take off these fake masks and be real for once? You can lie to everybody in this world but what about that one person, who can’t sleep in the nights? Who gets panic or anxiety attacks when they’re alone? Who burst into tears time to time. And that person is “YOU”. You can betray anybody in this world but when you start betraying yourself that’s when you start losing yourself.

I really want the young generation to understand that being vulnerable is not being sissy. Instead, it’s a sign of being a strong individual. It takes guts to show emotions to the world. In the world where all we were taught was to suppress our emotions, coming out and being vulnerable is sign of a Braveheart. The help is available in every shape and form and I don’t wanna give lecture on that.

At the end all I wanna say is don’t be so artificial that you stop feeling your own emotions. End this toxic positivity trend and let people be real humans. Who laugh, love & cry too!

Ask for help if you’re are not feeling good. It’s not just about “good vibes only”, its about “feeling the vibes!”

This blog is an open discussion. Go ahead and share your opinion in the comment section below! Let’s learn and unlearn anything that’s toxic for our mental health.

Help is available!

By teejaysays

Together we unite, let love guide you through!

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