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Sitting in front of the idiot box (television, that’s what I call it) having a conversation with my father over the current situation of our country’s religious feuds, I realized one thing. His views were very typical being a Hindu (in India) about how things should be different according to religions which can be seen in recent debates between our older generations. They apparently happen to be our MLAs, Ministers or any current political figures in recent times (Mostly, though it is changing with time).

However as a millennial I see lot of changes and up gradation in the thoughts of my generation’s people. When I meet new people what’s their background, where they belong to, what’s their religion doesn’t matter to me. But it does bother our older generation in a way. When my father says he doesn’t want to eat the meat which has been butchered by some other religion’s person, it disheartens me.

When he supports our religion over other’s it does hurt; it’s not that he disrespects any religion, it just he finds his better which I figure they were taught when they were young. I don’t blame him or his thinking and values but I do question them. By the way we do get into debates which later turns into a fight and I get left furious and my father laughs it off.

I am not here to put their view point down, but all I want is to upgrade their thinking. India is a beautiful country with a fusion of multi-cultures. We are a proud nation of diversity. Then why not the older generation understands it. Why everybody wants to divide the nations on the basis of religion and castes. Why are we creating fuss and slaughtering each other in name of religion? The older generation needs to understand that we all are equals now. We don’t need this.

We don’t want Ram Mandir over Babri-Masjid instead make the temple next to the mosque, so that we both pray together. Our freedom fighters died for a free independent India where everybody lived peacefully. Don’t create a line within us let us live with the peace that we want. The last thing any Indian would want in their lives would be hatred for one another.

We have better concerns to get worried about pollution, population, poverty, crimes and the list goes on. The last thing in my day to day schedule would be to read about the unacceptable speeches or comments that our politicians makes to provoke on the basis of religions and castes. All I want to say that this will not stop the evolution of thoughts regarding the equality that has been in us. All I can remember all these years is “Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Isai apas mein sab bhai bhai” (Hindu, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians we all are together). Jai Hind!

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Together we unite, let love guide you through!

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