What to gift on Father’s Day!


Dad and I always had a very different kind of relationship. We love each other, but both cant just says it. Not because we don’t know how to say, but we can’t just do it. I am in love with my dad’s personality, not only he is cool, but he is also chill AF, and when I say that I did not mean it happened overnight. It took years and years to get Mr Senior Thakur calm down.

I think its the stroke he got two years ago made him more chilled as a person. As they say “Your parents become your kids when they grow old” that’s one big fat truth, man! We are experiencing it at home every day. Be it hiding sugar from him to scolding him if he eats it anyway or asking him to eat his meds on time as he is diabetic.

I am sure you guys must be experiencing the same with your parents. Haha. Aren’t your parents the cutest when they do these kinds of things. My house never sees a dull moment when my parents are sitting together. My father is a tall guy with a big moustache and let me tell you he is very stylish.

So as father’s day is around the corner and I am sure all of us are going through the same dilemma. “What to gift on Father’s day?” So thought why not I share things that can help you in making your quest for the perfect Father’s day present a little easier.

SAREGAMA Carvaan Portable Digital Music Player

SAREGAMA Carvaan SC01 Portable Digital Music Player is one thing that you can gift your father on this Father’s day. Not only he will be able to listen to his favourite classics, but you can also use this as a speaker for your own parties too. Though I really wanna highlight this point the quality of the old songs that come recorded in it. Trust me guys you can never find this quality of music anywhere. This is a gift that your father will always cherish. My dad puts it on every day and shares his stories related to the track which is playing and honestly it’s incredible listening to those old tracks sometimes and just see your parents remembering their days. Who doesn’t like music, anyways!


It’s so hot outside, the sun is literally burning us with his kindness. Gifting sunglasses to your father on Father’s Day is not only a good idea but its something your father will shine in too. Remind him about “the stud” he was in his adulthood and get the dude out of him. I am not saying they aren’t that “stud” right now. But have you ever noticed how dad just flaunts everything new, my dad does it a lot. Haha. Amazon.in is giving some fantastic discounts on Sunglasses. Check them out.


I am sure every kid in this world right now will agree to the fact that they might have worried about their parents’ health. Well, at least I have, and this feeling is the worst I would say. Then why not this Father’s day gift your father some dope sports shoes and thoughtfully put this feeling in front of them and say “lets exercise”. I am sure they will at least consider going for an evening walk.


Well, what can be better than celebrating Father’s Day on 16th May and we have a Cricket match that every Indian look forward to “India Vs Pakistan” for “World Cup 2019 series”. I mean c’ mon don’t we just love watching World Cup series especially when it’s India Vs Pakistan cricket match. The whole family only shares that “adrenaline rush” of the game as if we are playing it. Then why not gift your father a Television and share those moments together. I am all set for India Vs Pakistan match on Father’s Day.


Watch is a fantastic gift that your father will love and use. My dad never goes out without his watch, and I always enjoy seeing him put his watch on his wrist. This gift will be something that he will wear every day, and it will be closer to him. Plus parents just love their ideal time watching on wrist watches only. No matter how expensive mobile phone you give them. They’ll still keep it here and there and won’t care. Haha

So these are some of the ideas and gifts that I have given to my dad, and he loves them and uses too. But honestly, one thing that you can give your dad on this Father’s Day is your time and love. So this Father’s Day not just makes your dad feel special but remind yourself that how much you love them. Go out and have fun. Cheers!

Happy Father’s Day!

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