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While sipping on our Whisky Swati and I had a conversation about human complexations. How different undertones decide the color of skin overall. How an undertone of your skin can make a lot of difference between how you choose colors that suit your overall makeup and outfits. Or how you don’t need tons of makeup products to begin your self grooming. I mean for me makeup is something to enhance my features, not completely hide behind the mask. I didn’t write and about makeup for a while, since I wanted to explore other areas of the art form. In the last two years, I discovered that I can paint. Not only faces but the canvas and walls and your guitar too.

However that night having a conversation about something that I always been passionate about. As I learnt about skin and hair from one of the leading institute in India in FASHION, Pearl Academy. Being a certified fashion and media artist I understood make up in my own way. For me it’s more of a technical work than the artistic. No, don’t take an offence my fellow artists. What I meant is as much as one needs to be good at the work with their hands in terms of creative makeup. It is important that we are clear with the basics of color theory, understanding of undertones, skin textures, color correction, face structures so and so for.

Nowadays browsing internet I see lot of under kids being so good with the art. The kind of content they are creating, dude I am fascinated! Beauty industry is one the top booming industries of 2021. Not only women, men a more conscious about their skin and hair than ever. The change that we are witnessing in the world is not only empowering, it’s more of a change that we were craving. Damn! I keep zoning out from the topics. Trust me guys I am working on it! hehee

I’ve decided to share my understanding of makeup with you. Just want to put this information out there so that you learn and I share. They say sharing is caring.

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