Two steps “Summer Ready.”


Summers! We all have a love and hate relationship with this weather always. It’s the perfect weather to show that toned body and curves in those short dresses which you recently bought and nailing it. Or the heat that burns and tans you. As I said, its a love and hate and relationship.

I love summers just for that matter, I don’t like wearing too many clothes honestly, and that is it. But talking about summer look, nothing gets complete without that perfect summer glow.

But how do we achieve that as Mr Sun is killing our vibe by being so hot and cruel? Well honestly being a makeup artist myself, I would honestly put it here I sweat like a pig and when I say that I mean it with all my heart and soul. HAHA. So wearing makeup every day on my face is not my vibe at all.

However, there are few products that I swear by every day, and it gives me that instant glow, without being worried about it at all.

All you need is the two simple steps and products that can totally transform your face into that glowing skin without much makeup on the front.

STEP ONE: I am an old school for certain things in life and sticking to certain brands is one of that thing. I absolutely love Lakme as a brand for certain things. This lip and cheek colour gives an instant natural blush to your skin. I don’t use it on my lips but its indeed my go-to product for natural looking blush and I love it.

Lakme Lip & Cheek Color Mouse

You can buy this Lakme Lip & Cheer Color Mouse on at just INR 420 after the discount.

STEP TWO: To get that dewy glow you don’t have to apply tonnes of makeup or highlighter, just a drop of Maybelline strobe cream can do wonders. Not only it gives your skin a radiant effect, but it also so lightweight that you won’t even feel that something is there on your face, and it lasts long.


Maybelline New York Master Strobing Cream


You can buy Maybelline New York Master Strobing Cream on at just INR 487 after discount.

So these are the two simple steps and products that I use daily on my face. Two simple steps and you are summer ready.




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