To: Mom


I often shout on you when my things are not done according to my way. I often fight with you for no reasons. Yes, I can’t see the things right in front of my eyes, but you find it out with some magic then and there. But how I tell you while you roll your eyes on me by finding my things, I laugh on my stupidity and be proud on your ability to find anything or everything that is lost in my messy closet.

You often say “when I will not be there, then you will value me”. Well I want to tell you mum that if you are not there I will get lost. Your existence is just not important in life, it’s the life! Your banters with papa, your screaming on every creature of our family is a melodious song that we want to hear forever. When you laugh, we laugh with you and when you cry it breaks everything inside us.

Last year, when papa had a stroke I didn’t see you crying in front of us. I know you were broken from inside but you didn’t let us break. You were standing there straight with all the power showering on us. I saw your strength there, as a woman, as a mother, as a wife and what not. How do you do all of it at the same time? I still wonder it till date. I still remember you tying a “rakhi” on Lord Hanuman’s statue as your brother died in an accident when we were very young. You never let us see that sadness in your eyes instead you made a story that “Hanuman ji” is your rakhi brother. Oh mother! How can you be so perfect?

Now that you are getting old and refuse to get the routine checkups done but often complaint about papa not getting his tests done, I see the fear in your eyes. I know you going through the menopause and it makes you moody and you get irritated with anything or everything. I understand that you are not in the super active years of your life. I get it that as a woman your body is changing every day.

Those who don’t understand what menopause is “ the period in a woman’s life (typically between the ages of 45 and 50) when menstruation ceases”.  Most of our mothers are going through this in their lives right now, and you might notice the moodiness and irritation in their behavior. It could be the reason that every woman faces in their lives. All we need to do now is to talk it out and understand her problems. She will never tell us what’s going inside her, as mothers they are the pro in this. However as children we can support her in this time and be more loving to her.

I am not promising that I will not fight with, or will not annoy you. But I promise I understand the changes and hardships you go through in day to day life mum. You are the rock star that never goes down on the billboard charts. But mum now just sit back and let us take care of you.

By teejaysays

Together we unite, let love guide you through!

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