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I always believe that you go to the places where the Universe takes you. The things and the lessons that are already written under your destiny file. Nothing happens for no reason, and without reason, you do nothing! I’ve been going to this fantastic place called “Wework” in Gurgaon for a month and so now. Met so many different people, different talents, different mindsets. I mean you name it, and you will get that energy wandering here and there, somewhere. But one thing is for sure it’s full of positive and magnificent people.

People with the same interests, people with something new to teach, something to share always and always ready to help. In a comfortable and trendy term “Networking”. It’s a fantastic place to do networking with like-minded people. People who are passionate about their passions, always ready to collaborate. It’s like if you have one thing in mind and wanna talk about it, you get the right amount of people to talk about it.

Coming here changed a lot of things in me and not only adapted, I learnt a lot of things. You can change thoughts, people, feelings but learning is something that keeps you going. Its a food for your soul. Just the way you came in this world without any information and knowing what the divine is putting you into. Similarly, it’s kinda been my experience here.

A young guy can tell you so much about life and explain to you something that you think is such a big problem, but for him, he laughs and just say it without any intention of healing you. But isn’t the same way, the Universe put things in front of us. Once things get done, we start to manifest what we were looking for.

Similarly, my journey here has made me realise so many things that I wouldn’t have thought that I’ll be learning. The motivation to get up every day and come to this place to do things that you wanna do. The things that keep you going. It’s like a bright shining light coming towards you to make it happen.


Motivation on a gloomy day to wake up little early than the previous day. Motivation to write what you love. Motivation to put your next step towards your goal as everybody is motivating you to get forward with you or without you. Telling you your strengths and area which requires your attention. Smoking sessions with masala tea in hand, talking about life to utter nonsense. Everybody just forgets their worries and keep moving towards their goals, which they might just have set an hour ago. This freshness and candidness keep me motivated to move forward and gives me hope that in the end it’ll be done.


This world is made of things that you can get inspired off. Inspiration is a feeling that keeps us moving. Every corner of this place is full of inspiration, a person sitting next to you might own up a successful business, but you would not know until you talk. The people around are so down to earth that it inspires me to be like this. From a person cleaning the place to the people owning this place, everybody works with a smile on their faces. People with startups hustling and bustling are working in front of you. If you see something is getting created, you wanna know more about it and there the inspiration starts kicking off.


In this fast-moving and changing world of the new era, people often forget to pay their gratitude towards things that are due. But here people show gratitude towards the things you do. I am not saying that we should do things to get appreciation, but it’s the last thing that one can give to anybody. For example, Yoda! Yoda was a small pug that the community manager had to pet for his friend for a month and so, got so famous and everybody loved him. A dog show was organised just for him. A small thank you and goodbye to that cute little fur ball of energy. I mean when you see a small pug wanking his tail all around in the office, corridors you forget everything else and start playing with him. He made so many people smile, and people showed their gratitude towards him. Not only everybody was happy for him that he is going home, but it also made everybody sad that HE IS GOING HOME!


I lack confidence, and I admit it, it is not visible on the exterior, but it definitely is there. Talking to new people by just out of nowhere was never my cup of tea. As inside my heart, I deal with the fear of rejection. Whether the other person will connect with my vibe or not. Whether they will understand where I am coming from. This fear often represents me as a shallow and rude personality. I’ve dealt with this pre-conceived notion since childhood. However, being here has boosted my confidence in a different manner. I meanwhile writing this blog only I made two new friends across the desk, I mean that’s what I like to believe. We talked about my blog, my work, their work, life, books, motivation, depression, any possible topic that I would not talk about in my first conversation. But hey, that’s how you understand that you connect with people. Right!


By the way, I got the motivation for writing this blog today because of the conversation that we had today with my new friends!


After my college getting finished up in June, I had no idea what I am gonna do next. I mean the same dilemma that you get after you complete your studies. You know what you want! But you don’t know how to achieve it or how to move towards your goal and that extra energy that you have in your heart to conquer the world while studying starts giving you anxiety. The power that you can not channelise properly start taking a toll on you, leaving you with full of negativity. Meeting people here learning about their strains, their achievements sparks positivity in me too. The pavement towards my goal has started to be paving, leaving me positive about it. Sadly I won’t be continuing here from next month, but yeah that’s for a better future, eh!

I wanna write so much, I wanna talk so much about this place, but I don’t think that my words would be enough. On that note, I would end this blog talking about my experience at WeWork. A place I would always cherish in my life, a small part of my life journey but leaving a significant imprint on my heart.

Till then keep hustling and juggling guys! Life is all about it!

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Together we unite, let love guide you through!

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