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OK! So I thought to be 26 was messed up, welcome to the world of the 27th year!! So I am 27 better with the vision about the career, a good relationship, calmer attitude with zero fucks given to the world’s opinion, well that in the personality I guess.  Anyway doing good and have a happy mental state. So much has changed in a year, some for good some for better. So I thought why not share it with my people. Here comes my guide to survive your 27th year. BOOM!!!

1) Give an opinion, only when asked! You really gonna be wasting your energy on people, if you give free advice. They gonna do whatever shit they wanna do. So choose the audience nicely.

2) Stop believing every story or incident posted on social media. This has to stop big time. You see only what people want you to see. So stop being “that rumour monger”.

3) Be polite. Again this one is classic; you can’t just ignore this goal.

4) Spend more time with parents. Dang! they getting old.

5) Be punctual. Honestly, I really need to work on it. I am a mess right now in it.

6) Acceptance. Trust me acceptance is the key to virtue. You just can’t change, anybody, because you want to. You accept their good side then accept the flaws too. Maybe you can work together on it later on. But you can’t just change somebody’s personality. Get out of that bubble RIGHT NOW!

7) Watch out what you eat.

8) Two glasses of warm water. Every morning! Works wonder for digestion.

9) Wear sunscreen. Never thought will be doing it, but our ecosystem. SMH. UV rays are coming for us.

10) Follow your passion.

11) Travel.

12) Socialize. Make friends, chill out with strangers at a gig.

13) Spend less on luxury hotels, spend more on the activities that you do on a vacation.

14) Encourage your friends and family to follow their passion.

15) Start saving money. I really need to work on this one.

16) Chillout more with your siblings. Remember you share the same genes. You never know your younger/elder brother or sister is way cooler than you. HAHA

17) Awaken your spiritual side. Find out who you are, what are you doing with your life. Find the purpose, spend time with yourself.

18) Stop judging people’s character before even knowing them properly. You never know the person you judged can be your good friend.

19) Stop stressing too much.

20) Do only that much shit, that can keep you off the jail.

21) Realise the importance of self-worth. Don’t be a doormat for anybody.

22) Respect people’s choice of love. Don’t be “homophobic”.

23) Be compassionate.

24) Respect other’s privacy. Don’t be a “nagging aunty or uncle” for anybody.

25) Stop dissing people on social media.

26) Girls! this one’s for you, make more girlfriends. Be proud of each other. Stand together with your own breed. Be supportive, encourage, motivate each other. Celebrate sisterhood!

27) Then again it ends reminding yourself, IT’S JUST 27!!

For my 26th year guide click on the link below. Till then stay happy.



The after 26 guide

By teejaysays

Together we unite, let love guide you through!

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