The lioness she’s become!


Singing it out and loud! Did you hear the howl?

The lioness that she’s become, was once a little girl trying to be just loved!

Her smile, the twinkle in her eyes, the lovely banter. It was all her trying to be in the center.

The world revolved around her life, was that a myth or it was something to be believed?

Once she was out there she didn’t care, little did she know she had to care.

The world out there is full of a mess, did you know she was just unaware.

One day she woke up and met a man! The man who made her believe that she was the wild princess to be handled.

She trusted him with her whole heart, the man took everything from her apart.

The hunger of love and acceptance made her weak, was she a princess or jus a meek?

She followed him on the path of love, with blindfolded eyes. He held her hand and left her in the corner.

The leap of faith she took on him, was that enough to be in the league?

Her smiles soon turned into sorrows, was it her or it was your own horror.

Soon the princess became a slave, her intuitions turned into blames.

She cried and cried. Why do I have to be always lied?

He made her believe that she needed him, was it love or just his narcissism?

The stabs on her back soon became unbearable! She could no longer be the part of this table.

She took a toll on her life again, she stood back up to end the game.

All these years the tears that become her weakness, she took the pledge to make them her power.

The girl no longer wanted to be vulnerable, she realised she is a lioness with no fear.

She bit him with all her pride, not to hurt but show him his side.

He could no longer go with the flow. The lioness was back, but this time with a glow.

She promised herself to stand again, to turn all the wounds on heart to be her lessons.

Now when she looks back again, the little girl was lost but the lioness rose!

By teejaysays

Together we unite, let love guide you through!

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