The Breakthrough : The Awakening


As I said in my previous blog How do I surrender? : The Awakening how you can you surrender to the Universe. Now today I am gonna talk about the breakthrough. That comes after you surrender without expecting any outcome, hence trusting the path you’re on. This stage would boost your confidence and make you believe in you, more than anyone else. Questions, expectations, drama everything will follow my friend! However after the inner work which I talked in previous blogs, you’ll be able to handle those situation. Remember, the idea is not harm anyone in this process!

You’ll find yourself in a place where everything seems to be against you but there will this inner knowing that you need to find your own paradigm. To find it or to build on. Choice is yours! Cuz once it starts there is no going back. You would found yourself standing at the crossroads. It would sound like a beat of the Universe. That’s asking you to move towards this unknown path. Where there are endless opportunities. If rewards will be great, so is the smart work. So be ready for next chapter of your life. You’re are experiencing transition. The breakthrough comes with it in the package. You can’t skip this song!

This is the time when you decide to move towards the things that you always wanted to do. May be you wanna switch your current job, move to a different city, get married, go back live with your family after you spend years alone in a different city, break up, patch up, start your own business, go travel but go ahead and do that. Don’t just sit there and be the victim of your own mentality build something for yourself, build your community, build your family, build your company. Just fucking do it!! And it doesn’t just mean quit your fucking job without any plan and sit there. Instead apply for a promotion, plan a family, take your parents on a trip, mend broken relationships with your family members, go propose that girl! And yess! drink lot of water!

The universe doesn’t ask you to be stuck in your misery, instead it ask you to be productive. Be it in your inner world or your outer. Sitting in stillness and solving your inner turmoil is as important as going for a work. We are made different Some find their peace in work, some in family, some in relationship, some in friendship, some in solitude. But we all are growing and glowing everyday. Don’t complain about the time this process is taking. We all are on different timelines. So if you think someone is ahead in their journey and that makes you anxious about yours. Look for those trigger points and work on them, understand we all are here with hidden talents, we do things in different ways, if someone excel in something you wanna do should not trigger you instead learn from each other, add value. You might be great in something that they suck at. Get inspired by each other and add value to each other’s journey. That’s what we are here for.

Humanity is moving towards the next level of expansion and evolution. There is this sense of awareness in the air. Start noticing what people talk about, know more of each other. Think out of the box. Just don’t be stuck in the old burdens of your limited beliefs. It’s a massive spiritual awakening. All those superficial belief systems we had, are falling down. False masks of people are falling off. Humans are changing their ways of doing things, understanding things, feeling things. Now we talk about vibrations and energy. A sudden wave of change I can smell in the air. Nobody wants any motivation anymore. Everybody is up with the plans in their minds. It’s just a leap of faith that Universe is seeking from each one of us. Connect with each other and let’s co-create humanity again!

Here I end my process of awakening.

Remember there is enough for everyone on this planet. We need not to fight the fight and feel helpless anymore. One door close another one opens. Patience are required. Inner work is required. Understanding the spiritual breakthrough is a long process.

Spiritual Breakthrough, I will be walking you in my next series. Till than be present in the present moment, stop for a while and ask this to yourself. “Am I ready?” and then go for it!

We all are on a journey towards home!

To be somewhere, you gotta move from somewhere!


By teejaysays

Together we unite, let love guide you through!

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