The Awakening!


2018, the year when my world started crumbling down. The materialistic world I built on, the love that I thought would be my forever, the friends I thought are my real people, family whom I never questioned. Who knew it was just the starting of my journey for something bigger. The soul “PURPOSE”!

Synchronicities of life lessons, patterns of my toxic behavior, the incompetency of my life started popping right in front of me. The failures started showing big time, humiliations, shame, intolerance to self and others, tears, misery and what not, dark night of the soul just started. Clueless of this new journey I intentionally or unintentionally was put on. Everything around seemed meaning less, full of deceit & deception.

False masks of people and my own ego started falling off. Materialistic things that once gave me the utmost happiness started loosing its charm. My partner of 7 years whom I thought I would be marrying felt like a stranger again. The friends with whom I went out every weekend were nowhere to be found in my real life anymore. The family, whom I was building this materialistic life for, started questioning my intentions. “What is happening?”, “Why me?”, “I can’t take it”, “Am I going crazy?” these were my question to self every night.

Spiritual journey is a journey that every individual go through once in a life. Most of the people doesn’t take this call when this opportunity knocks at their door, they close it off and keep on living their life in this 3D matrix. Why would they even, cuz its not for a weak heart. Awakening will never be easy! It’s an ongoing process of unlearning and learning everyday! It’s a process of destroying everything you knew once, to find out the truth again! It’s a death of an ego to surrender to the power of Divine! It’s the magic that happens after the dark night of the soul! It’s a rainbow after a hurricane that destroy your soul into pieces! It’s the mastery of your full potential after experiencing the misery of life!

The people who dares to question this world, who are curious to know more will take on this journey. So if you are still reading my blog till here. Let me warn you, there might be some things that you might not like, it might be against your belief systems, or I might sound insane to you. However I am sure there are people like us who are looking for this information. Just like once I did.

So if you are still hooked, I would be taking you through this journey with me where we will understand what spiritual awakening is and why it is important to be on one. Remember it is an ongoing process of the unknown. Once you start awakening, you wont be able to go back to sleep again. This matrix feeds on your energy of fear, delusion and insecurities. It will never let you understand your full potential as a human until you dare to take this path.

Humans are here to live a life, to love, to flourish, to nurture the nature, to live in unity. Instead what we are taught since a young age is to run in a rat race. A race which nobody knows where it’s heading. Whom we have to prove our abilities to. Where will this materialistic life go once we die. Ahhh, my questions are unlimited, so is me, so are my words.

I don’t want to hide who I am anymore. For lot of people I am a psycho, I am a weirdo, I am crazy. But for the Universe that I live in, loves my energy, it’s full of stars and galaxies, there is love, healing, there equality, there’s vulnerability.

No matter what stage of awakening you are going through remember your soul is growing. Don’t give up cuz in the end it will all be worth it. You are the UNIVERSE! You are the CREATOR! You are the MAGIC!

To know the “PURPOSE”, you gotta find one!

By teejaysays

Together we unite, let love guide you through!

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