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I am sure you might have gone through a lot of blogs about spirituality. Where people talk about awakening, spiritual journey, and self-growth I am no less. My job is to guide my fellow humans towards the journey we all are in. It’s quite clear if you are resonating with the kind of content I am writing on my blog then we are on the same journey, my tribe.

In today’s blog, I wanna talk about how one can know that they are going through a spiritual awakening. I am gonna mention the signs that actually guided me to dig deeper inside. See if it resonates with yours. Always feel free to get in touch with me and write me @ I would be more than happy to be sharing a few thoughts with you guys. It’s always fun to share! Trust me!

It all started for me in 2018 when an incident changed my life. I lost everything, whatever I had built in my life thinking that this is my future. I lost everything. A legal case, money, status everything. A period of shame and humiliations in life. I am not gonna say much about it. But at the age of 27 losing all that you earned at one time. Hurts the most. But as I always say “I am Universe’s favorite child” how can my lessons be so easy. It has to be different and tougher if I am his favorite.

I took that as a lesson for myself and rose from my ashes. My journey began when I lost everything. Whatever I believed I had, losing all made me realize my full potential in this Universe.

Universe talked to me in numbers. Seeing 111, 1111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 666, 888, 1122, 1221 so and so for. It never stopped since then. I started researching more and more about numbers. Until now when I fully understand it for my own journey.

The high-end intuition power, the beatable synchronicities of numbers, animals, birds, flowers. It’s jus been magical. The world above 3 realm is as beautiful and peaceful as one could imagine. It’s called inner peace. The luxury of peace of mind. The feeling of contentment. A breath of presence, the peace of soul fulfillment, the love in harmony, the beauty in diversity!

The awakening by teejaysays

By teejaysays

Together we unite, let love guide you through!

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