The Awakening : Shifts


What’s happening all around the world is not a coincidence. It’s a wave of change when one can smell in the air. Apart from the pollution obviously! Cuz yeah, climate change is not real! (sarcastic af). Anyway, I am not talking about the climate change here. I am here to give the energetic downloads I get from the Universe.

The evolution of humanity is constant and undeniably happening. The energetic push and change that we all are experiencing in our soul and surrounding is the great awakening that our planet earth is going through. Humans are finally understanding and can see beyond just the 3D façade all around. More and more people are breaking the generational curse of the ancestors that’s been weighing us down for generations.

The baggage of the past light codes is lifting. If you’re finding yourself in between the battle between your growth in the current environment. You’d be noticing taking those risks and following your soul path journeys. Finding peace in the inner turmoil is what will be your guiding force. Stop chasing false timelines, people, jobs, environment. The age of Aquarius is here to make shift in our mental level and way of doing things.

The urge to be free and find freedom is what is indicated. Don’t panic my love, it’s just the period of transitions Universe is taking you through.

The Sun shall rise after a cold winter night, thy shall I rise after a dreadful defeat of mine.


By teejaysays

Together we unite, let love guide you through!

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