The Awakening : Renewal

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For the love of humanity let’s fight for a new world of love, peace, and humanity. Enough of running away from your own reality and getting stuck in this matrix of the 3D realm around. In the ego of material abundance, the pride for it. It’s mental warfare, stick to the cliché “be the change you wanna see” – Mohan Das Karam Chandra Gandhi

You attain more power than you credit yourself for, you are a beacon of light don’t let this outer world change who you are. Make that inner child happy. The inner child didn’t know gender differences, race, religion, jealousy, envy, shame, or guilt. That child was sent on earth with pure soul, love, peace, and harmony.

I would sound hypocritical and less practical saying this. But you gotta catch the emotion that you felt while reading this. That shit or self-doubt gotta go my love. We ain’t saints. Neither one should act if they aren’t, everything needs to be acknowledged and accepted.

The truth of your soul needs to be accepted forgiven & worked upon so that the RENEWAL start happening. Also, remember spirituality is far more than just affirmations, manifestations, keeping crystals or yoga, etc., and claiming of the world I am spiritual.

It’s an everyday task to know thyself deeper. Acknowledging and accepting your own behaviors, patterns, and trauma bonding.

If you’re doing it, it’ll give you power and happiness, and yes you will spiral down to your shortcomings again and again. Some days it’s gonna be damn hard. Some day you’ll be blossoming. The work doesn’t happen in a day or two. You can’t bunk the classes. This is life’s real school.

But is it impossible? Nah. It’s the Divine who will guide his children. Learn the lessons and give gratitude.

Keep your faith intact, keep believing, keep moving, and keep thriving. You’re on the right path.

By teejaysays

Together we unite, let love guide you through!

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