The Awakening : Growth


It’ll start when you’re ready to accept who you are. Not just your positive aspects in life, it’s more of accepting the shadow side of yours. Yes, you read it right. The shadow side of your soul. Every human is made of two energies NEGATIVE and POSITIVE. Anything out of balance can affect your existence in this world. Too much sweetness gives diabetes!

Being too optimistic or pessimistic in today’s world will only take you down and hurt your soul more. We’re in the middle of the great awakening. The challenges are not gonna be easy. It’s the war within you. You gotta balance that Yin & Yang, Feminine & Masculine energy, I learned it the hard way. That’s why I am here to guide you through your journey. See its simple how people react in our lives is the direct source of their inner energy. Ever noticed some people being mean to you for no reason, yes it’s the reflection of their inner being. But is it okay, to be treated constantly with disrespect of boundaries of yours or others?

To recognize your inner energy first is the idea of growth. You can’t fix the world until you fix yourself. We all can be toxic in each other’s life. You’re not the only one who is special. It’s in every soul who is transitioning in the 3D realm. With their own timelines, everyone will keep going on with their transition. What their soul agreed upon. This world is a full-time movie. Media feeding you with entertainment, politicians, biggies with money running the show. And it’ll go like that only!

To see in thy, i empower the soul of my ally!


We are humans with some super cool superpowers. And all of us can master our own power, channel it, harness it in the right direction. Remember one thing nothing is bigger in this world than the luxury of peace of mind. It’s enough that humans stop this rat race that we are in and breathe the free air, If you get any, trust me you’re lucky if you’re somewhere you can breathe fresh air, eat nontoxic food, drink clean water. That’s the luxury that you have above all the big concrete buildings, an air full of pollution, eating food which is full of chemicals and shit.

Gratitude will be taking you further. Be grateful for each beautiful day you opened your eyes for. The family you’re surrounded with. Smell that flower that you have in your small little garden. Make some tea for yourself. Breathe! Breathe for a while. Talk to yourself. Examine your own behavior.

You can’t be always right! BUT you can bee always be wrong too!

You might have crossed the line, may be they let the cat out!

You might have overreacted, or may be they didn’t respect your boundaries!”

I’ll leave you with that. I gotta cook dinner now!

Welcome to the world of triggers, growth, love, harmony, peace & good vibes only! Until I get with my next blog!

Pitcure abhi baki hai dost!

It’s just the beginning!


By teejaysays

Together we unite, let love guide you through!

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