The Awakening: Energy never lies!

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We often find ourselves stuck in situations that we don’t expect in our day-to-day life. I mean who wants to have trouble & anxiety. However, as we are on our soul mission we meet low vibrational beings. Clarifier: We all are low vibrational beings at some point in our lives until we do the work and move forward. But some people are just pure evil.

Today’s blog is based on my very own distress. (whatever you read on my website is either a lesson learned or an experience I am proud of) If you got time check out my “The Awakening” series in the “Lifestyle” section.

So, when we talk about energy what do you understand by this? Ask this question to yourself, take a minute or two. Okay! Done? Cool, it can be vibes, feels, and chills that we often feel when we are around people. Is there any trigger that you feel in your gut? Yes. That’s what I am talking about.

I often ignored my own body reactions while I was around people who lack empathy and are just mere energy vampires. Your body is your temple and your energy is sacred. Look around people it can be family, friends, or acquaintances. People with whom you often find yourself spending time.

These energy Vampires wear the most beautiful mask of being your well-wishers pretending to be your aid, however, will never lose a point to stepping onto your boundaries. Now if you’re an empath like me who wishes to only see good in people. Lemme warn you mate, you might be falling into the “Fool’s trap”. Why “fool’s trap,” you ask. Well, we often close our eyes to the world around thinking we see what’s inside of us.

If you are too optimistic & empathic and often get hurt by the betrayal of some sort. First, the Chosen Ones don’t dwell in the misery of this world. Second, never dim your light, cuz it’s too bright for the others. Third, never change your heart. All I want from you is to examine your body’s signals around certain beings.

These people are wearing false masks around you. Mentioning few points that can help you in recognizing:

  • Energy vampires will befriend you and will get closer to you to know your vulnerability. Without sharing any details about their own lives.
  • They’ll make you exclusive and put you on a pedestal. Just to push you down.
  • They’ll make you believe in their misery to get your empathy and do the exact thing and again.
  • They’ll often behave and want you to believe that you’re opposites in nature, to know your moves and start imitating you.
  • They start imitating you and then act as if they were this being all the way. Even copying your persona on social media and in person. You get to know when people imitate.
  • Once they have learned enough of you, they through you into the mud and move on with their lives.

As these energy vampires don’t know the boundaries and will come at you again and again. TBH till what time you can fake in life. If you notice this toxic behavior in your environment, treat this blog as a warning and cut your chords with this person immediately.

Your energy, empathy, and optimism are the gifts given by the divine to you. Yes, people can imitate you but they can never be you. Protect your energy and peace. Chuck these wannabees out of your life and see how they crumble without you once they done

If it doesn’t fit, it doesn’t fit. Energy never lies.

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Together we unite, let love guide you through!

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