The after 26 guide !


You are 26 now !! Just another day and you are not a kid anymore. This one figure changes everything around. 26 and still figuring out about life! About carreer you want and relationship, which is as messed up ! 26 things to do just after you turn 26!

1) Learn to be polite.

2) Be more punctual.

3) Travel with your school friends.

4) Go to a music festival.

5) Try out that dress which you thought you could never fit in. Because who cares about the body shaming anymore.

6) Spend more time with your parents.

7) Respect other people’s opinion.

8) Accept diversity.

9) Start saving.

10) Respect yourself just as much as you respect others.

11) Stop traffic rants.

12) Spend time with yourselves.

13) Answer the PHONE !!

14) Show gratitude.

15) Treat people below you equally.

16) Instead of flowers, gift plants to loved ones. They are the future! Trust me.

17) Instead of gifts, give your time to loved ones.

18) Go on a solo trip and find out who you are.

19) Be bold.

20) Stop caring about what others will say about you.

21) Smile at strangers.

22) Try a new food. You never know what you liked, until you tried! Happened to me!

23) Be spiritual.

24) Care about nature. Don’t litter around.

25) Believe in yourself.

26) and the last one …. remind yourself ! You are just 26 ✌

By teejaysays

Together we unite, let love guide you through!

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