The 1930s glam


So coming out a sizzling era of the 1920s, women started playing with makeup in a more feminine way. Pencil thin eyebrows were the “it” thing for this era. The glam of the 1930s was all about feminising the facial features. The women began plucking in the entire eyebrow and draw their eyebrows every day.

The 1920s very loose drop waist, high knee-length hem dresses were entirely replaced by the extended high waisted, longer mid-calf or floor length dresses. The women of 1930s were classy and elegant.

For eyes, they used more of the blues, greens, pinks, purples applied lightly and in pear shapes beyond the natural eye with mascara. The cupids bows were replaced by the horizontal lines to create an illusion of enlarging the upper lip to look fuller. The popular lipstick colours included dark reds, maroons and raspberry tones.

Women were influenced by Hollywood’s refined glamorous look, with pale ivory foundations. To achieve the pale look for the 1930s I’ve used two shades lighter on the model. To accomplish the pencil thin eyebrows, I first concealed the model’s eyebrows using the fevi-stick and powered it nicely and drew my desired brow shape. For cheeks, I used the red blush on the apple of the cheeks as this is where the women of this era applied their blush. As my model has naturally beautiful fuller lips, I didn’t have to overline her lips.

This was the first look that I did in collaboration and would say I enjoyed it a lot. The glam of this era and how women carried themselves was amazing. They were chic, elegant and classy.


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