It’s always been like this if a woman is out there having fun with her life drinking, smoking dancing doing anything on her own terms it’s been tagged as outrageous. Well with that note I am gonna explain the look I absolutely loved creating from my favourite era “THE 1920s- FLAPPERS.”

In the 1920s during World War I women entered the workforce and received higher wages, which helped them in becoming independent and out there. The classic image of a flapper was a stylish young girl, who liked to party, drink alcohol and smoke openly. As women before this era were supposed to be homemakers and devote their lives to the family.

However in this era, women enjoyed dressing in lose shimmery dresses, would do finger waves in the hairstyle, liked to party and enjoyed their lavish lifestyles. Great Gatsby is a movie in which you can see a glimpse of the flapper lifestyle. A woman is always asked for her choice of clothes, fashion, makeup or living standards.

But women of this era broke all the norms and enjoyed their freedom. They danced in the Jazz clubs, laughed, partied and enjoyed their sexuality. Well, they were stylish and confident. Smokey eyes, Red cheeks, Red lips and bobbed hair with finger waves are the key element of this look.

Flapper girls wore short, low hemline shift dresses which I absolutely loved. When you talk about era looks, you need to make sure that the clothes, makeup and hair everything should be on point. I bought this dress from  Janpat Market CP, Delhi at 800 rupees after doing the bargain for saving my 200 rupees (in which I suck big time). It was a day I must say!

As I was creating an authentic 1920s era look, I could not play with the makeup or the styling. I had to stick to the authenticity of the look. Smokey eyes, for which I used black kohl pencil and smudged it with the eyeshadow blending brush. Make sure you do it quickly as the kohl tends to dry faster and it’s difficult to blend it properly then. As they loved their blush, I used the reddest tone blush on the cheeks. To make that perfect pout I gave her those red lips.

When we talk about vintage looks, hair plays the most important part of the whole look. In the 1920s the women cut their hair short however they used to make finger waves. Which honestly one of the most difficult hairstyles, yet so classy.

There are different ways of making finger waves. I chose to create a wet finger wave look on my model. I used comb and lots of gel to create those waves without curling the hair. Let me know if you want a tutorial video on how to create finger waves and how I made her hair short for the look. Accessories like a hair accessory, pearl necklace, gloves were used to complete this look.

The 1920s would be my favourite era in terms of women’s fashion and how women changed their way of living. These women brought the change in society’s way of perceiving women. They were liberated women, who lived their life on their terms. Flapper would always be one of the most important eras in the history of fashion and makeup.

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