The Pride!

June is the month all about “PRIDE“! Pride of being who you are, the pride of celebrating yourself, the pride of being open about your sexuality. For people who aren’t aware or updated about it, let me give you a brief definition of this “PRIDE.”

So the month of June was chosen for LGBTQ Pride Month to commemorate the Stonewall riots, which occurred at the end of June 1969 at the Stonewall Inn in the Greenwich Village neighbourhood of Manhattan, New York City. At the Stonewall violent demonstrations by members of the gay community against a police raid that began in the early morning hours of June 28, 1969, As a result, many pride events are held during this month to recognise the impact LGBTQ people have had in the world.

LGBTQ stands for Lesbain, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender & Queer! Basically, the sexualities that have been put down or not recognised in our world of heterosexuality (People attractive towards the opposite genders sexually). I mean c’mon lets be real guys till today there are homophobic people (a person who takes pride in showing their negativity towards other sexualities).

So today an exciting thing happened at the place where I am working these days, WeWork, it’s a co-working office space where you can rent hotdesks or offices for yourself. They conducted a pride fun session at our office, and all the 400-500 people working there were invited to join in the session. Alas, only 15-20 people showed up, and most of them would categorise themselves as Hetros. But who am I to classify them?

Though I would say the energy in that conference room was just not positive and but also very accepting. The Spokes were friendly and informative about everything we asked. The stupid ass questions, the weirdness, the lack of information it was a mix of all these emotions and awkwardness.

However, as soon as the session got more and more involved, I could feel how it’s not their fault that they don’t know about it. As nobody ever educated us about it, but thanks to the Internet, now we are more aware or at least know a little about this terminology. They read us poems that they wrote and poured their hearts in front of us. Sitting there, I realised how in our society one person can celebrate their sensuality being straight, and for others, it becomes a misery.

What is sexuality in the first place, it’s a sexual feeling one can’t control, or I would say should not be controlled too. Just how you see a hot chick or a guy at a bar and can’t control your horniness. But it’s okay if you are a girl and does that to a guy and vice versa. However, if the same thing any gay or lesbian does, you get offended. I mean I literally sometimes question the stigmas and social standards that we put ourselves in.

LGBTQ community is also made of human beings just like heterosexuals are, at the end of the day. Then why do they have to ask for acceptance, “ACCEPTANCE”(a general agreement of someone else’s perception of how things are than how you would like it to be according to your little knowledge about things!) this word only sounds so negative any which way! Why they have to be ashamed of it, why do they have to have the permission to be who they are? Do you know how many young people fall into the trap of social norms and get into the depression and some never come out of the closet just because there are people out there who are not only ignorant but also just insensitive?

All I wanna say is break this mental block and accept the people for who they are, not for what their sexuality is! That’s the last thing anyone should be concerned about. Yes, due to the generation gap and little less knowledge, people tend to miss out the point. Maybe you are not aware but educate yourself. At least Google is free for that matter!

If you are a parent reading this blog, I urge you to learn more about it. It’s not a disease or a phase that’ll pass with time. If you don’t understand it, it’s okay. But all I can say rather than pushing your child into the spot, give them the love and understanding that they deserve. All a child need is the support of the family.

And the so-called”educated homophobic” people out there. Don’t be so hateful, we all are humans and each human being alive on this earth have a right to love whomsoever of they want to be. Sometimes people miss out the fundamental part of respecting other people. Don’t shy to talk about it in public. Don’t panic if somebody of your own sex finds you hot, I mean what can be more fantastic that your own gender finding you hot. Maybe you are hot, be happy about the attention and if you don’t like it, just be polite and move on! Don’t act like a weird ass!

On a happy note, I would end my blog that meeting Gurnoor, Taksh and Vikram were terrific. How they shared their experiences and life’s little moments with us was fantastic. Got to know about a lot of things but understood only one thing “Love is love!” Be kind and respectful to each other!

We stand together! #pride 



We got Modi-fied!

The below-mentioned views are totally personal views of the person writing these views, and that person is me. So anybody who’s reading this blog has a mental block to take other people’s viewpoint can stop reading it and can continue with their amazing life.

So talking about the Lok Sabha Elections 2019 of India, which is one of the most talked about thing right now in India because of an iconic man the Prime Minister of India Mr Narendra Modi. The man who made the youth of this country talk about politics. The man who is not only revolutionary but also a visionary.

Being called as a cheater who tampered the EVM machines to win the elections, which is equivalent to questioning the Election Commission of India.

Or being named as a traitor for Pulwama Attack in recent times.

This guy faced it all and stayed calm and focused towards his goal and look he is our Prime Minister again. I wholeheartedly congratulate Mr Narendra Modi for winning the Lok Sabha Election 2019 and becoming our Prime Minister again for the next 5 years.

As a voter and a taxpaying citizen whose vote just got counted in the epic winning of BJP in Lok Sabha Elections 2019 and a believer of change and development, I have few concerns for this country that I expect my PM to take a look into and work upon.

POLLUTION: Its one of the most overlooked and worrying topic of our day to day lives today. This state of pollution in India is just not concerning but also a life-threatening concern right now.  Read more how we top the charts of being the most polluted cities in the world at

RIGHT TO FREEDOM OF RELIGION: We all know BJP has an image of being a religion-oriented party but I see you as a PM of my great country, not as any religious fanatic, and that’s what all my fellow countrymen should see you as too. India is the world’s largest democracy, and we are proud of our rich heritage and diversity. As a peace-seeking citizen of India, I demand freedom of religion. All religions should be treated and respected with equal respect and love. Which means invest money in the betterment of alive humans of the country rather than some supernatural force that we haven’t seen in reality.

RIGHT TO EQUALITY: Reservations! Reservations quotas should be provided there where its need not based on your castes or tribes. It should benefit the unprivileged and differently abled. India has more than 50% of its population below the age of 25 and more than 65% below the age of 35. A lot of talent does not get a chance just because they do not fall under the reservation quota, which widely affects our employment rate.

UPDATED EDUCATION SYSTEM: Better infrastructure, revised syllabus, an improved method of primary education. Which should include comprehensive and better sex education, awareness about poor sanitation, Human development and gender empowerment. It should consist of more practical development of young talent, not just the written knowledge in books.

CORRUPTION: As they say, charity begins at home. So yeah, this is something that we all need to take responsibility of not just the Prime Minister. So as a responsible citizen, I take a pledge to not contribute to this. Just as all of us should take responsibility to work on it together and get rid of this bug called corruption from the system.

BETTERMENT OF AGRICULTURE SECTOR: Every now and then we see a lot of farmers opting for suicide or crying for help, which honestly breaks my heart. Agriculture is the most crucial sector of the Indian economy. The Indian agriculture sector accounts for 18 per cent of India’s gross domestic product (GDP) and provides employment to 50% of the countries workforce. Put more money in the development and restore India’s largest sector.

So these are the few things that me a 27-year-old voter who voted and contributed in your win in the Lok Sabha Election 2019 expect from my Prime Minister.

Remember Mr Modi, the higher the win, the bigger the responsibilities.

Jai Hind!

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