Small change today, big difference tomorrow!

So on my recent trip to Mumbai a very basic thing drew my attention towards the most common and visible issue that we face in our day to day life. But we chose to ignore it. The lack of dustbins outside the airports, hotels, markets, streets so on and so forth. Well I’ll be honest I am also one of all of us who used to litter around but now I want to make a change.

As I always believed that the charity begins at home then why not. We all keep dustbins at our places to keep our household clean then why not the surroundings. Apparently our sectors, our cities, our states our country is our home too, and then why not keep it clean.

I’ll be practical yes, it is not possible to change the whole world and trust me one cannot. There are billions of people with different thoughts; different priorities and one cannot control all of it. So why not make a small change in our own lifestyle today.

So one step at time:

Just like we keep dustbins at our homes and offices, let’s keep one outside our places too. So that next time any pedestrian walking down the street don’t litter around, instead they can use that bin to throw the litter they want to.

It’s a small step but can make a huge difference. Cause honestly it’s not only our mistake that we throw things here and there if we don’t see the bin to throw it in. So why not fix it for our own benefit. Let’s help the environment for our own good. It has given us so much; we can do a little bit for it too.

Not only this small change will help the environment, it will make our surroundings beautiful too. A dustbin will not cost more then Rs. 100-300. Talk to the people who pick up the litter from your place and guide them to pick it up everyday. As we make it a habit, proactively ask your neighbors to participate in it too.

If you are living in a society then arrange a meeting discussing this issue and plan a weekly inspection of the same with your society members. Let’s not complain and think that you can fix the whole world, let’s change our own little world and slowly the whole world will change.

P.S. Honestly it’s a problem all over India; do not get offended by the city name mentioned above. It’s just the idea struck my mind there.

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