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Drag queens. What is a drag queen? Well, a small introduction would be (mostly) a male artist who does a performance to entertain or self-expression to present their art by performing mainstream performances. Doing drag is an art to self-express and treats people with their exaggerated makeup, dramatic eyelashes, comedy and satire.

So when we talk about the drag queens, we talk about their “OTT” (over the top) look. Those entirely concealed eyebrows, bold eyeliner, sharp contour! Hey by the way people think that Kim Kardashian invented contour, though, in reality, we need to thank these queens for creating this beautiful and most needed process in our makeup today, i.e. CONTOUR.

I had to create this look in collaboration with a fashion styling student. I always wanted to create this look, and it worked as a challenge to create this look we needed to be over the top with the makeup, which I never did before. By the way day before the shoot, I couldn’t sleep with the anxiety, that how will I conceal the eyebrows in the middle of the night. I was watching YouTube tutorials at 3:00 am in the morning. Though it paid off well. So thank you all the YouTubers who share their amazing talent with us.

Covering and drawing dramatic eyebrows, sharp contour, heavy blush, choice of bold colour eyeshadows, dramatic eyeliner and eyelashes are the essential elements for drag queen makeup look. While creating this look, one has to make sure that they keep these elements in mind as we are exaggerating the feminine features of the face for this look as it’s done mainly by and on the male artists.

To conceal the eyebrows I used a Fevistick glue stick. The trick is to use it opposite to the growth of eyebrow until you fill in the gaps between the hair of the brow. Keep repeating this motion till 3 4 times and powder the eyebrow. Now the tricky part comes while doing this you need to place the eyebrow hair upwards to create an illusion of merging the hair into the skin which gives you an illusion of no eyebrow. You need to do this process until you get the smoother and desired result, which can be achieved by doing this process for 3 4 times.

The final step would be to cover any darkness of the hair visibility, use orange corrector to balance out the blackness of the hair colour and conceal the brow and start applying your foundation.  There you will get the entirely covered eyebrows, and you are ready to create the extravagant eyebrows.

After concealing the eyebrows.

After drawing the desired brow shape. You need to choose bold eyeshadow colours, don’t be afraid to use pop colours and shimmer on the eyelids. Define the face features by giving the sharp contour on the cheeks and nose. To complete the look use any dark colours such as reds, browns, wine etc. on the lips. Just use the highlighter and voila! You are ready with the drag queen look.

Let me know if you guys want a video tutorial on how to conceal the eyebrows. Till then stay blessed and happy.




Look 1


Look 2



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