My 5 must-have Lipstick shades by Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick range.

Alright, I am a sucker for lipsticks, be it in the middle of a music festival, a class going on, eating or done with the food in canteen or just a random house party. The only thing that I remember even in my high moments is “reapplying my lipstick”. I would say it’s my obsession just like everybody has one.

Whenever I post any selfie on my social media handle, girls do ask me about the shades. So today I decided to list down my 5 absolute favourite lip shades from Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink Liquid Lipsticks range that I can’t live without and a girl must have these shades in her kitty.

Brown: I remember I was in school probably 7 or 8 years old in the Nineties, brown was on a boom, and now in 2019 we are rocking this shade again. Its a must have tone in your vanity.

Maybelline New York Super Stay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick : Shade: 75 FIGHTER is one shade I swear by when I want a rusty look.

Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick: Shade: 75 FIGHTER

Nude: Not only Kylie Jenner made nude shade so famous that nobody can stay away from it. Women from all around the world love nude lips and its so in fashion. But the trick for us “The Indian” beauties is, never wear nude lipsticks without a proper base as the nude colour washes out our face. It looks fabulous with smokey eyes look.

Maybelline New York Super Stay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick : Shade: 65 SEDUCTRESS is one shade I love to use in the shoots I do or creating that perfect date night look.

Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick: Shade: 65 SEDUCTRESS

Peach: Peach is a beautiful colour that brightens the whole face and gives a very fresh vibe. You rock this shade with light colours in dresses and tops. It looks fantastic with a pastel shade.

Maybelline New York Super Stay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick : Shade: 130 SELF-STARTER is the shade I swear by when I want to look chic and elegant.

Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick: Shade: 130 SELF-STARTER

Dark Brown: This shade comes in my “Bold” category. Whenever I wear this shade, it gives me defined confidence. A lot of women try to run away from dark lipsticks, but trust me, girls, this colour is not just bold; it provides that “Boss Bitch” look that I die for.

Maybelline New York Super Stay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick : Shade: 85 PROTECTOR is one shade I love to rock in music events. It gives a very bold and sexy vibe and trusts me you’ll get a lot of attention while wearing this shade from both the genders.

Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick: Shade: 85 PROTECTOR

Purple: Now this is the shade that I get the most enquiries for, and honestly, I am obsessed with this one. Not only this colour just looks pretty and its something I get most compliments for. You can rock this shade with a day look, party look, ethnic or western look. It’s just “that perfect” shade for me that I can never imagine my vanity without.

Maybelline New York Super Stay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick : Shade: 35 CREATOR is the shade which I wear when I am tired and don’t want to do makeup. Also, its the same shade that I wear when I want to get ready and do makeup. Haha. Honestly, I am in love with the shade and trust me, you’ll also not be able to resist. It looks fabulous.

Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick: Shade: 35 CREATOR

Maybelline New York Super Stay Matte Ink Liquid Lipsticks are one of the most used lipstick range in my day to day life. I love the formula of this brand, and it works wonders for me. Not only the shades but the stay of these lipsticks is commendable. Not only I recommend this product I use it too. is giving a fantastic discount on this lipsticks as when I bought them from the store I paid INR 650 each. However, you can shop these at just INR 520 right now. I have mentioned the direct link below. So enjoy ladies.

Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick

P.S. Remember, every human has a unique skin to body texture. It is not necessary that it will work for me so it will work for you too, vice versa. However, always moisturise your lips before applying any lipsticks as it will help you in not chapping the lips, and the product stays longer.

Two steps “Summer Ready.”

Summers! We all have a love and hate relationship with this weather always. It’s the perfect weather to show that toned body and curves in those short dresses which you recently bought and nailing it. Or the heat that burns and tans you. As I said, its a love and hate and relationship.

I love summers just for that matter, I don’t like wearing too many clothes honestly, and that is it. But talking about summer look, nothing gets complete without that perfect summer glow.

But how do we achieve that as Mr Sun is killing our vibe by being so hot and cruel? Well honestly being a makeup artist myself, I would honestly put it here I sweat like a pig and when I say that I mean it with all my heart and soul. HAHA. So wearing makeup every day on my face is not my vibe at all.

However, there are few products that I swear by every day, and it gives me that instant glow, without being worried about it at all.

All you need is the two simple steps and products that can totally transform your face into that glowing skin without much makeup on the front.

STEP ONE: I am an old school for certain things in life and sticking to certain brands is one of that thing. I absolutely love Lakme as a brand for certain things. This lip and cheek colour gives an instant natural blush to your skin. I don’t use it on my lips but its indeed my go-to product for natural looking blush and I love it.

Lakme Lip & Cheek Color Mouse

You can buy this Lakme Lip & Cheer Color Mouse on at just INR 420 after the discount.

STEP TWO: To get that dewy glow you don’t have to apply tonnes of makeup or highlighter, just a drop of Maybelline strobe cream can do wonders. Not only it gives your skin a radiant effect, but it also so lightweight that you won’t even feel that something is there on your face, and it lasts long.


Maybelline New York Master Strobing Cream


You can buy Maybelline New York Master Strobing Cream on at just INR 487 after discount.

So these are the two simple steps and products that I use daily on my face. Two simple steps and you are summer ready.




Flawlessly Flawed.

So I am the second child out of my parents four diamonds they gave birth to. LOL.

Well, that’s what I would like to believe too, though mum would totally differ to me on this one. Anyway, mum’s not on the digital world, so I got saved for that matter. I was always a child who was still under the shadow of my pretty and all-rounder elder sister. My dad loves my elder sister more than his life. In school she was famous, and when I said she was outstanding, I mean it.

She was an athlete and always won medals for it. She participated in sports, dance, music, the debates you name it, and she was there not only engaging, but she nailed those competitions always. On the other hand me, the lazy bum, who hated studying, couldn’t play a sport as I hated losing, and I always used to lose only. I was an average student, with a speech problem, with which I still struggle. It’s not major neither I ever got it checked by a specialist, but I am aware of the flaw.

Till today I practice a sentence in my head before I could say it at a prominent place. My friends say they love my confidence but it didn’t come overnight. I had my own struggles with myself. Sometimes it was about weight, sometimes height, sometimes speech, occasionally the cut marks on the left hand, so on and so forth.

But one thing that always surprised me was the friends and the people around how they saw me. People didn’t see or emphasised on the flaws that I could see in me. They saw a confident girl, but I saw a flawed one. Being overweight always made me anxious about my appearance, but I got praised for rocking a dress which people think “the overweight” people should avoid.

I still remember the day when I was standing in front of the mirror crying, hitting my stomach and saying all the nasty stuff to myself. That night I cried and cried as if somebody died. But the next morning, I woke up and saw myself again in the mirror with my swelled eyes and asked myself a few questions.

“Why you think you cannot?”

“If you don’t love yourself, why do you think others would?”

“What’s wrong with you?”

“Why you being so negative about yourself?”

I sat down in my room sipping on my coffee, I started brainstorming, and when I was thinking about it, I got no robust response for my own questions. I just couldn’t explain. That day I decided to work on myself. Till today if I feel low, when I think I can’t, I just have a small chit chat with myself. I create my own doubts, and I try to find my own answers. My brain totally calls me a loser most of the time for all the negative thoughts I fill it with.

But then my heart comes into the picture and makes me realise that there is only one “Jyotsna Thakur” born in this world and you are unique, you must be flawed but that what’s makes you a human. A flawlessly flawed human and that’s what matters.

So whenever you have doubts or low on confidence, cry, shout and take it all out. But do ask yourself these questions. You will get your answers. Don’t thrive on being perfect, but just love yourself utterly. Cause when you start loving yourself, you start enjoying everything around, and if you love everything about, it makes you happy, and if you are happy, you are confident and if you’re sure everything becomes easy, the failures, the achievements, the misses, the disses.

Just remember you are unique and there is only one you!


The 1930s glam

So coming out a sizzling era of the 1920s, women started playing with makeup in a more feminine way. Pencil thin eyebrows were the “it” thing for this era. The glam of the 1930s was all about feminising the facial features. The women began plucking in the entire eyebrow and draw their eyebrows every day.

The 1920s very loose drop waist, high knee-length hem dresses were entirely replaced by the extended high waisted, longer mid-calf or floor length dresses. The women of 1930s were classy and elegant.

For eyes, they used more of the blues, greens, pinks, purples applied lightly and in pear shapes beyond the natural eye with mascara. The cupids bows were replaced by the horizontal lines to create an illusion of enlarging the upper lip to look fuller. The popular lipstick colours included dark reds, maroons and raspberry tones.

Women were influenced by Hollywood’s refined glamorous look, with pale ivory foundations. To achieve the pale look for the 1930s I’ve used two shades lighter on the model. To accomplish the pencil thin eyebrows, I first concealed the model’s eyebrows using the fevi-stick and powered it nicely and drew my desired brow shape. For cheeks, I used the red blush on the apple of the cheeks as this is where the women of this era applied their blush. As my model has naturally beautiful fuller lips, I didn’t have to overline her lips.

This was the first look that I did in collaboration and would say I enjoyed it a lot. The glam of this era and how women carried themselves was amazing. They were chic, elegant and classy. 8A0696F7-9286-4C76-84EA-07B42F141823



Is self-stimulation a stigma?

I started working just after I did my 12th in the year 2010. In school, I had very few friends. When I started working, I met amazing people, but most of them were male so very few girlfriends in life. But in the last 10 months of my life, I met 30 odd amazing women in my life. So technically this is the first time I saw so many personalities of women, and honestly, it’s crazy and one of the most fun experience in my life.

This slot has women of all the ages from teenagers to 30 plus strong independent women. Being with so many women, it brought my different personality out too. Me being dirty mind, I always cracked my double meaning jokes and burst into my creepy laughs. Haha.

I love them all, but with all of it, it brings a lot of inside information too. By that means talking about biological and sexual stuff. So if you are shy or if you’re sensitive to this sexual topic then kindly stop reading this up. Cuz I got some crazy shit to discuss and, i.e.,

Masturbation.” the stimulation or manipulation of one’s own genitals, especially torgasm; sexual self-gratification.” Thank you for the definition.

One beautiful day we were sitting at one of the friend’s home and discussing sex. Well most of us know that it is not a big deal in a man’s life but did you know few women still don’t touch themselves. Well, maybe few are shy, perhaps some don’t share maybe some don’t like it but isn’t it essential to explore your own body before anybody else can.

God has made a woman with all his imagination and love, that she has been blessed with curves that can drive anybody crazy. Beautiful bosoms to be played with. Skin soft as roses, a sweet spot and a power to ejaculate multiple times. Then why not understanding your own body.

Self-stimulation is still a stigma in our society, especially in women. It’s not because we don’t want it, its because we never been taught about it. The only biology that we studied was the female organ in the 10th standard. Nobody ever tried to understand the importance of human sexual anatomy. Which is why the ratio of physical dissatisfaction is higher in women than men.

Masturbation has always been looked upon with lots of negative thoughts, there are lots of myths that have been attached to it. You can clear some of the doubts by reading this informative article By Hannah Nichols.  

Finding your own sweet spots will definitely help you and your partner to enjoy more. Don’t be shy to explore the magic that’s in you. But remember girls, eating sugar in excess gives diabetes too. Till then be fun and stay happy!


E703CD3E-3D9D-4552-AF30-7EA7EF2CD5ADIt’s always been like this if a woman is out there having fun with her life drinking, smoking dancing doing anything on her own terms it’s been tagged as outrageous. Well with that note I am gonna explain the look I absolutely loved creating from my favourite era “THE 1920s- FLAPPERS.”

In the 1920s during World War I women entered the workforce and received higher wages, which helped them in becoming independent and out there. The classic image of a flapper was a stylish young girl, who liked to party, drink alcohol and smoke openly. As women before this era were supposed to be homemakers and devote their lives to the family.

However in this era, women enjoyed dressing in lose shimmery dresses, would do finger waves in the hairstyle, liked to party and enjoyed their lavish lifestyles. Great Gatsby is a movie in which you can see a glimpse of the flapper lifestyle. A woman is always asked for her choice of clothes, fashion, makeup or living standards.


But women of this era broke all the norms and enjoyed their freedom. They danced in the Jazz clubs, laughed, partied and enjoyed their sexuality. Well, they were stylish and confident. Smokey eyes, Red cheeks, Red lips and bobbed hair with finger waves are the key element of this look.

Flapper girls wore short, low hemline shift dresses which I absolutely loved. When you talk about era looks, you need to make sure that the clothes, makeup and hair everything should be on point. I bought this dress from  Janpat Market CP, Delhi at 800 rupees after doing the bargain for saving my 200 rupees (in which I suck big time). It was a day I must say!

As I was creating an authentic 1920s era look, I could not play with the makeup or the styling. I had to stick to the authenticity of the look. Smokey eyes, for which I used black kohl pencil and smudged it with the eyeshadow blending brush. Make sure you do it quickly as the kohl tends to dry faster and it’s difficult to blend it properly then. As they loved their blush, I used the reddest tone blush on the cheeks. To make that perfect pout I gave her those red lips.

When we talk about vintage looks, hair plays the most important part of the whole look. In the 1920s the women cut their hair short however they used to make finger waves. Which honestly one of the most difficult hairstyles, yet so classy.

There are different ways of making finger waves. I chose to create a wet finger wave look on my model. I used comb and lots of gel to create those waves without curling the hair. Let me know if you want a tutorial video on how to create finger waves and how I made her hair short for the look. Accessories like a hair accessory, pearl necklace, gloves were used to complete this look.

The 1920s would be my favourite era in terms of women’s fashion and how women changed their way of living. These women brought the change in society’s way of perceiving women. They were liberated women, who lived their life on their terms. Flapper would always be one of the most important eras in the history of fashion and makeup.


Queen- Drag Queen Look

Drag queens. What is a drag queen? Well, a small introduction would be (mostly) a male artist who does a performance to entertain or self-expression to present their art by performing mainstream performances. Doing drag is an art to self-express and treats people with their exaggerated makeup, dramatic eyelashes, comedy and satire.

So when we talk about the drag queens, we talk about their “OTT” (over the top) look. Those entirely concealed eyebrows, bold eyeliner, sharp contour! Hey by the way people think that Kim Kardashian invented contour, though, in reality, we need to thank these queens for creating this beautiful and most needed process in our makeup today, i.e. CONTOUR.

I had to create this look in collaboration with a fashion styling student. I always wanted to create this look, and it worked as a challenge to create this look we needed to be over the top with the makeup, which I never did before. By the way day before the shoot, I couldn’t sleep with the anxiety, that how will I conceal the eyebrows in the middle of the night. I was watching YouTube tutorials at 3:00 am in the morning. Though it paid off well. So thank you all the YouTubers who share their amazing talent with us.

Covering and drawing dramatic eyebrows, sharp contour, heavy blush, choice of bold colour eyeshadows, dramatic eyeliner and eyelashes are the essential elements for drag queen makeup look. While creating this look, one has to make sure that they keep these elements in mind as we are exaggerating the feminine features of the face for this look as it’s done mainly by and on the male artists.

To conceal the eyebrows I used a Fevistick glue stick. The trick is to use it opposite to the growth of eyebrow until you fill in the gaps between the hair of the brow. Keep repeating this motion till 3 4 times and powder the eyebrow. Now the tricky part comes while doing this you need to place the eyebrow hair upwards to create an illusion of merging the hair into the skin which gives you an illusion of no eyebrow. You need to do this process until you get the smoother and desired result, which can be achieved by doing this process for 3 4 times.

The final step would be to cover any darkness of the hair visibility, use orange corrector to balance out the blackness of the hair colour and conceal the brow and start applying your foundation.  There you will get the entirely covered eyebrows, and you are ready to create the extravagant eyebrows.

Concealed eyebrows
After concealing the eyebrows.

After drawing the desired brow shape. You need to choose bold eyeshadow colours, don’t be afraid to use pop colours and shimmer on the eyelids. Define the face features by giving the sharp contour on the cheeks and nose. To complete the look use any dark colours such as reds, browns, wine etc. on the lips. Just use the highlighter and voila! You are ready with the drag queen look.

Let me know if you guys want a video tutorial on how to conceal the eyebrows. Till then stay blessed and happy.




78DA2235-A0F9-43F7-A674-17463F878969 (1)
Look 1


75AF55AA-D539-402E-B7A7-2147BF800DA7 (1)
Look 2



The new 27 changes

OK! So I thought to be 26 was messed up, welcome to the world of the 27th year!! So I am 27 better with the vision about the career, a good relationship, calmer attitude with zero fucks given to the world’s opinion, well that in the personality I guess.  Anyway doing good and have a happy mental state. So much has changed in a year, some for good some for better. So I thought why not share it with my people. Here comes my guide to survive your 27th year. BOOM!!!

1) Give an opinion, only when asked! You really gonna be wasting your energy on people, if you give free advice. They gonna do whatever shit they wanna do. So choose the audience nicely.

2) Stop believing every story or incident posted on social media. This has to stop big time. You see only what people want you to see. So stop being “that rumour monger”.

3) Be polite. Again this one is classic; you can’t just ignore this goal.

4) Spend more time with parents. Dang! they getting old.

5) Be punctual. Honestly, I really need to work on it. I am a mess right now in it.

6) Acceptance. Trust me acceptance is the key to virtue. You just can’t change, anybody, because you want to. You accept their good side then accept the flaws too. Maybe you can work together on it later on. But you can’t just change somebody’s personality. Get out of that bubble RIGHT NOW!

7) Watch out what you eat.

8) Two glasses of warm water. Every morning! Works wonder for digestion.

9) Wear sunscreen. Never thought will be doing it, but our ecosystem. SMH. UV rays are coming for us.

10) Follow your passion.

11) Travel.

12) Socialize. Make friends, chill out with strangers at a gig.

13) Spend less on luxury hotels, spend more on the activities that you do on a vacation.

14) Encourage your friends and family to follow their passion.

15) Start saving money. I really need to work on this one.

16) Chillout more with your siblings. Remember you share the same genes. You never know your younger/elder brother or sister is way cooler than you. HAHA

17) Awaken your spiritual side. Find out who you are, what are you doing with your life. Find the purpose, spend time with yourself.

18) Stop judging people’s character before even knowing them properly. You never know the person you judged can be your good friend.

19) Stop stressing too much.

20) Do only that much shit, that can keep you off the jail.

21) Realise the importance of self-worth. Don’t be a doormat for anybody.

22) Respect people’s choice of love. Don’t be “homophobic”.

23) Be compassionate.

24) Respect other’s privacy. Don’t be a “nagging aunty or uncle” for anybody.

25) Stop dissing people on social media.

26) Girls! this one’s for you, make more girlfriends. Be proud of each other. Stand together with your own breed. Be supportive, encourage, motivate each other. Celebrate sisterhood!

27) Then again it ends reminding yourself, IT’S JUST 27!!

For my 26th year guide click on the link below. Till then stay happy.



The after 26 guide

Comfort Zone!

Life is been quite surprising and amazing in the last few months. Oops! Just before I move forward let me tell you I am living awesome college life in Pearl Academy which I never had before, being a dropout in college. But as I say “When you wish for it, Universe works for it”. I love fashion, and everything related to it gives me immense happiness. So I decided to do Fashion Media Makeup course though it’s about to get over and that’s the sad part. But the good news is I am gonna be a certified make up artist now. Yayy!

So one of my batch mate Cherry decided to do an editorial look on me and I modelled (You know I love getting clicked, #1400 posts on Instagram haha). Being the sweetheart she is she gifted me a chunky neck piece, which is AMAZING! I love it. Thank you Cherry again. That piece inspired me to create the editorial look for my portfolio.

Initially, I wanted a business suit with a lace bralette. I wanted to do smokey eyes with sleek hair hairstyle and nude lips for this look. The look was decided, the theme was set now comes the main task i.e. the model. While scrolling up and down on my Instagram, I came across with Sanchita Arora’s profile.

The girl I met in Tomorrowland 2015 where we had the time of our lives. Crazy trips, lots of parties and memories that we can always cherish together whenever we meet. I would describe her as the fun-loving and the girl next door who’s always so graceful and proper in her business suits attire and I must say she always looks bomb! As I approached her she instantly said yes. What a darling she is.  However, when we were discussing the look she changed my vision completely. As she didn’t have the business suit I was looking for.

I asked what all clothes she has right now and she then shared the picture of the jumpsuit she recently bought from H&M. It was a Cargo Jumpsuit in khaki colour. And there was Sanchita posing for me in the jumpsuit the way I wanted. Now I no longer wanted to do the business suit look as soon as I saw the jumpsuit. So again I reevaluated the whole look and my neck piece was right at the place the way I imagined.

Coming to the look now, the smokey eyes were changed to the silver eye shadow I used to match the neck piece. Instead of doing the sleek hair I went for soft messy wavy hair. Bronzing was the key element of today’s editorial look. Keeping that in mind I had a vision of dark brown lips for her, however, she wanted to go with magenta as she is more comfortable in pinks and nude lip colours. But I could see her only in those dark brown lips. Being as amazing as always she is she let me do what I wanted to. And I must say she is the most cooperative and professional model I dealt with, and guess what this was her first shoot. Can’t make it by the pictures, right? After all the hustle bustle I must say I got what I wanted, the bold and beautiful!

Sometimes we should get out of our comfort zone and just experiment. Sanchita, darling you are amazing and thanks for letting me work on you. You are hawt !!

Stay tuned till my next lookbook!


Rocking the complete look


IMG_8126 (2)
Lots of love!

How important Sex is in a relationship?

Well Sex is still a taboo in our Indian society however we all doing it! That’s very clear by the population ratio of our country. Isn’t it?  But why we don’t talk about it in our society I wondered. I was 14 years old when I finished reading “Kamasutra” on my red Nokia Express Music cell phone out of curiosity.

But as I am getting older I see lot of people who don’t care to talk about it. May be because we don’t care about it or we are just ignorant. Why do women tend to ignore this topic the most? Is it the dissatisfaction in the relationship or is it just because they didn’t experience it all.

One of my friends Prachi (name changed) told me the other day that she just don’t feel like doing it, it’s a burden for her which she just get over once her man is done with it. Another friend shared the same incident in which she shared, she don’t get wet while her man is all over her. Is it the problem with women or is it men?

Why do men don’t understand the importance of foreplay that is needed to make his girl swipe off her feet. Admiring her body, caressing every body part and arousing her to the place where she loses all her control and reaching the ultimate delight called “Orgasm”.  But all I hear is women being dissatisfied and done with it.

Most of the marriages go through this dry spell in our society and probably don’t realize that they are. As one of  my friend with kids says, she hates it and don’t want her man to do it at all, as he still don’t know what’s he is doing in a standard 7 minutes ejaculation window in India (Thanks Google for the info though).

I wonder is it not important in a relationship or do we just ignore this part of our lives like we like to ignore our other problems in life and not consider it all. After all we deserve happiness and a fulfilling life. Though I still don’t know how important it is, but I leave it upto you ladies.