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Nude lips, nude makeup, nude colour dress, or basically being nude is my favourite thing. Haha. Don’t be naughty in your thoughts, guys. But being honest, this shade has some charm that everybody is going crazy for it. It is chic, it is classy, it is hot!

So today I am gonna talk about the nude makeup look which I created for my beautiful model Shivi. She has gorgeous eyes which I kept subtle by using Makeup Revolution Flawless 4 eyeshadow pallet.

I’ve been using Makeup Revolution product since a long now. Won’t say this is the best eyeshadow pallet that I have used but would definitely say for the price its worth it. For day to day makeup I would recommend this pallet as the formula is quite lovely and pigmentation is excellent for the nude shades.

I wanted to create a very subtle and everyday look, so I kept the eyeliner soft and didn’t make it bold. Eyeliner shapes the eyes and makes them look more lifted depending upon the intensity of the wing that you created while applying your eyeliner. You can always make your wing as high as you wish. I’ve used Kiko Milano Lasting Gel Eyeliner using an angular brush as it gives the perfect eyeliner shape. It’s very intense dark gel eyeliner and the trick to keeping your gel eyeliners away from drying while using them is to keep the pan opposite so that the gel eyeliner doesn’t get dried up as you can’t just open and close the lid again and again while applying that eyeliner. I’ve used false eyelashes by P.A.C which only costs INR 150-200 and would say they are quite reasonable.

Now coming to the base, I have kept it very simple and fewer products. I used PAC Ultra Studio HD Palette mixing two shades to achieve the glowing skin tone that I wanted for my model. This palette comes with an orange corrector and two darker shades that you can use as your base if it matches your skin tone or you can use them as contouring if your skin tone is lighter. In both the ways it works wonders as the consistency and coverage of the product are really good. I’ve been using it a lot in shoots and daily basis.

For this look, I really did not do much of contouring; instead, I used a bronzer on the cheeks to give that natural structure to facial features. I’ve been using Makeup Revolution Bronzer as it provides a very subtle and natural effect on the cheeks without making you look like muddy and very fake contour.

Finally, I completed the makeup look by using Faces Ultime Pro Liquid Matte Lipstick in the shade Nude Truffle. This shade is perfect for the nude lips that I love. This was the shade that I used in this look. However, I’ll be writing a whole new blog on “Nude lipsticks” that I just can’t live without and every girl must have in her makeup kit. Because nude will never go out of fashion.

Now finally I completed the whole look by using hair waver, a triple barrel hair waver curling tong which gives you the natural curls you want for your look. I personally use hair waver a lot on my short hair. It’s easy and gives that sexy curly hair look, that I love.

By just adding some chunky jewellery and funky shades, I completed my whole look. So this was my “Nude makeup look” which I created on my beautiful friend and model Shivi. And yeah, the matching top and palazzo that she is rocking here were bought by me from

Lemme know what you think about this lookbook in the comments below. Till then be sassy and be nude! haha

Nude Makeup Look
Chunky earrings and funky shades complete the look

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