“NO” A new positive


My first day at the gym, fully loaded for an intense workout I was ready for my first day. Cardio done, weights done and all of a sudden I see yoga class got started. I held my stuff and was fully pumped up to start the session. The Yoga Trainer started with the basics and we all were doing our best by skipping heartbeats at the same time. Trust me Yoga is amazing but could be very technical too (I am guilty for being lazy).

Trainer started describing the yoga asana and we were trying our best. All of sudden he pointed his finger at me and said Aapse nahi ho payega. Aap rehne dijiye (You won’t be able to do it, so don’t do it). Well, yes I got heartbroken. I don’t blame the trainer too as being 5.2 and 176 lbs at that time, it’s difficult to move your ass doing yoga without a cramp. However that day I got some self realization and looking at the mirror I asked myself, “Really? You can’t do this”. I was not upset because somebody said that “I can’t do it” because I was fat. I was more upset because I asked myself about my capabilities.

We all are blessed with beautiful bodies. It’s just we need to be kinder to it. It’s not that I started going to gym regularly. It’s just I didn’t go back! Yes, I didn’t. But that day I started changing my lifestyle. I started loving myself more and taking care of my eating habits. I look in the mirror everyday and tell myself that “there is nothing in this world I can’t do! Not even the Yoga” Haha.

Nobody could ever make me understand that being unhealthy was not right for me. Only I could self realize it. A small “NO” pushed my buttons in a right way and I am moving smoothly towards my goals now. In the same way nobody can ever tell you how to and when to change. It’s only you who can motivate yourself. Be true self and explore your capabilities.

By teejaysays

Together we unite, let love guide you through!

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