Must have budgeted lipsticks for an Indian newlywed bride!


Since it looks like the wedding season for the millennials and me being one of them. I thought why not mention the best-budgeted lipsticks that you can invest now in. Well the craze of being heavily dressed and the attention that you get, we must enjoy this time and play with our lip colors too but not being heavy on the pocket.

Cuz why not! Most of my blogs about make-up and fashion are budgeted as I believe spending thousands on things that hardly ever able to finish will only be hard on your pocket. I mean yeah, it’s all good but if you’re a paying your own bills, girl be a smart investor in your makeup products too.

We tend to spend fortune over things that are yes important but should be not an addiction. So, If you think that this blog resonates with you then go ahead and read about it. And if not then you can read my other blogs too. I write about various topics. See if you get something for you. It’s an open gallery..

Let’s start!

This is my wedding look in which I am wearing a shade from Coloressence Lip Cream Glossy Lip Color. It’s worth INR 650 only.

I’ll be honest with the review, I love the color on me and the texture of these lipsticks is exactly how the name suggests Lip Cream and Glossy. It gave me beautiful-looking lips. The only drawback that I felt was that it’s transferable. The trick that I used to make my lipstick stay longer was to conceal my lips before and power my lips with a translucent powder to avoid the transfer.

Since red and fuchsia is the color that goes maximum with my attires that I am enjoying at the moment. The shades of pinks are my ever favorites. I mean I am somewhere somehow obsessed with the shades of Pinks. Here in the image below,

I am wearing Primark PS.. Lustre. Shade : High Society.

It’s a beautiful nude pink shade, which I actually got as a gift. After checking the shade and price it costs INR 800 after discount which is going on.

This is the first time me using this brand. Tbh it’s quite creamy and hydrating for my lips. The stay time of such lipsticks are very less. As they need reapplication after a while. I don’t mind reapplication if I love my lip shade.

The below image is my wedding reception picture. I actually got exhausted on our wedding day. Since we did our pheras in the morning and reception went on till 5 am next day. This image describes my exhaustion. But as your girl love her lipsticks. The lipstick was still intact. Don’t know about the makeup.

In this picture I am wearing Kiko Milano New Lasting Matte Veil Liquid Lipstick: Shade : Color 07

I actually tried linking this one but I can’t find it online. Try near by store if you can.

It’s a matt liquid lipstick that lasts up to 10 hours, which actually is not true.

But yes the shade is good and Kiko Milno lipsticks comes under INR 800 bucks. Which actually is a reasonable price for a lipstick. I don’t mind transfers.

Kiko Milano New Lasting Matte Veil Liquid Lipstick: Shade : Color 07

A woman can never have enough lipsticks as they says. I totally abide by this rule in my life. I think this is my hidden obsession. The only thing that I accept in public. Haha.

There is never enough in terms of lipsticks. But for my bridal mode, I became a sustainable buyer for the things that I shop for now. I now try to utilize my resources more responsibly. In my next blog, I will be sharing how you can use your makeup for multiple uses instead of spending thousands on your makeup.

Until than happy reading!

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