Love: Introduction

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As we go through different phases in life there is this one feeling that stays constant and i.e. LOVE. It might be for anything love for arts, plants, animal kingdom, and humans. You must be thinking are we gonna read about our love for non living things. I mean is this author crazy? Haha

Well, no I am totally in my senses and I know what I am writing here. Since we live in the 21st century where love for things is bigger than the love of humanity. I thought this might interest you in my blog further. And if you’re here to read about such, I am sorry, this blog is not for you.

In today’s fast world we are becoming some kinda vending machine that wants everything based on money. Even Love I mean look at social media or people around you. Like the other day, my husband & I were driving and listening to the radio in our car. There was this show on radio hosted by RJ Ginni where she asked the listeners “Can you live without your partner or 3 days with your phone?” I was shocked at people’s answers. “They said living without a phone is impossible.” HAHA, I laughed.

So is love just left for appliances and non living things? Lemme leave you there with that.

As everything starts with a question. What is love?

By teejaysays

Together we unite, let love guide you through!

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