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My English teacher Anita Ma’am, a beautiful lady in her late thirties was full of grace and elegance. Whenever she entered our class to teach us, we all used to get mesmerized by the way she spoke or teach. She had her signature look of pastel colors’ suits and saris. She always looked beautiful in whatever she wore.

She was the perfect teacher for everyone. However we often overheard the gossips other teachers used to have during intervals about her. She was a divorcee. Her marriage got ended after years of failed companionship. They were not happy in the marriage and they decided to divorce each other. Well this is what I understand by this whole scenario. However,  people who were gossiping about her had totally different views.

“She could have tried better; things go bad in every relationship.” “May be she want her own freedom that’s why she left her husband”. “Omg! She wasted her life”. Well these were the few things we heard about her. But it always cringed me and made me ask only one question WHY? Why when two people decided to move on and live a happy life separately, why we want to speculate our own thoughts on that? Why we don’t see it as normally as we see marriages.

Well I am not promoting divorces, but what after that. If two people are not happy together, they have a right to move on with their lives the way they want. May be not together, may be in their separate ways. As a society who gave us the right to talk about it. Or pass on our judgment.

In India we often see older generation saying “they following western culture, that’s why the divorces are happening these days”. Well but I see more and more people are getting expressive and nobody wants to waste the one life they got by fighting with each other. Why do we not give a second chance to the woman and a man who just came out of a troubled relationship? It must be hard for both of them. But we often see women getting taunts or they become gossip session for others.

“Ahh !! She won’t get married again.” “If she couldn’t handle it the first time, how will she do it now?” “There must be something wrong with her, that’s why her husband left her”. All kind of things are often get said by us. Let’s just sit back see the whole situation in a little different way.

“She got divorced because they were unhappy together”. Or “she got divorced because their expectations were different from life”. It could be any reason, but it should not label them for life. One failed relationship cannot judge their abilities of commitments for their future relationships.

Life is not always what we see from our perspective. There are millions other ways to see it too. What matters, how we choose to see it. As all I always saw and heard was the beautiful smile and the morals she taught us to be a good human being. However what others saw was just  “A woman who got divorced”!

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