Is self-stimulation a stigma?


I started working just after I did my 12th in the year 2010. In school, I had very few friends. When I started working, I met amazing people, but most of them were male so very few girlfriends in life. But in the last 10 months of my life, I met 30 odd amazing women in my life. So technically this is the first time I saw so many personalities of women, and honestly, it’s crazy and one of the most fun experience in my life.

This slot has women of all the ages from teenagers to 30 plus strong independent women. Being with so many women, it brought my different personality out too. Me being dirty mind, I always cracked my double meaning jokes and burst into my creepy laughs. Haha.

I love them all, but with all of it, it brings a lot of inside information too. By that means talking about biological and sexual stuff. So if you are shy or if you’re sensitive to this sexual topic then kindly stop reading this up. Cuz I got some crazy shit to discuss and, i.e.,

Masturbation.” the stimulation or manipulation of one’s own genitals, especially torgasm; sexual self-gratification.” Thank you for the definition.

One beautiful day we were sitting at one of the friend’s home and discussing sex. Well most of us know that it is not a big deal in a man’s life but did you know few women still don’t touch themselves. Well, maybe few are shy, perhaps some don’t share maybe some don’t like it but isn’t it essential to explore your own body before anybody else can.

God has made a woman with all his imagination and love, that she has been blessed with curves that can drive anybody crazy. Beautiful bosoms to be played with. Skin soft as roses, a sweet spot and a power to ejaculate multiple times. Then why not understanding your own body.

Self-stimulation is still a stigma in our society, especially in women. It’s not because we don’t want it, its because we never been taught about it. The only biology that we studied was the female organ in the 10th standard. Nobody ever tried to understand the importance of human sexual anatomy. Which is why the ratio of physical dissatisfaction is higher in women than men.

Masturbation has always been looked upon with lots of negative thoughts, there are lots of myths that have been attached to it. You can clear some of the doubts by reading this informative article By Hannah Nichols.  

Finding your own sweet spots will definitely help you and your partner to enjoy more. Don’t be shy to explore the magic that’s in you. But remember girls, eating sugar in excess gives diabetes too. Till then be fun and stay happy!

By teejaysays

Together we unite, let love guide you through!

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