I am gonna be really honest Imma lil disheartened today. You know the feeling of rejection, it can really break your soft heart into uncountable pieces. And yea it’s not about some stupid guy rejecting me. It’s about getting rejected cause you’re not educated enough to be associated with that brand.

Okay, lemme come to the point straight. I am a 12th Pass with a working experience of 10 years under my sleeves but I am not qualified enough to give money to somebody to learn an enhance my skills. So somebody who’s not a graduate in this country can’t learn something. upGrad a leading online educational website is providing brilliant courses to enhance your skills in various sectors. But I got rejected cuz I don’t have a “Diploma of 2-3 years” or even “Graduated” for this country. MICA is one of the leading institute to teach you some top most digital marketing skills. And trust me I wanna learn.

Why I am writing this blog is cuz it’s enough that only the privileged get a chance to be at the top. Wherein only 8.15% of the Indian population is graduated as per the latest data. What happens to the rest of the population. They don’t have brains? Can’t they learn new skills? I thought education is for everyone. And it’s not that they ask for any specific certification. YOU JUST NEED A CERTIFICATE. It has nothing to do with the course.

I wonder why the education system just values a piece of paper to decide somebody’s capabilities. I couldn’t afford to go to college due to financial issues when I was 18 years old. However at 29, when I can afford to pay, I am getting rejected for this shit. Why Cuz MICA is very calculative with their student’s educational background. Which they apparently judge by their graduation certificate or diploma certificate. Cuz obviously a piece of paper has more intelligence than a live breathing human, with an actual brain! Which can actually learn and evaluate with time. hahaha

Damn, enough man! It’s really a high time that educational institutes stop being some high society aunties and treat all the learner the same.


But the good new is I got a certificate from GTT Foundation Powered by Barclay’s wherein they empowering women to get into the world and be the leader. They are supporting freelancers to develop their skills and get the upgrade they deserve in life.

So yea, but did I learn from these two incidents.

The rejections are not permanent. sabko bhindi nahi pasand hoti!




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