How important Sex is in a relationship?


Well Sex is still a taboo in our Indian society however we all doing it! That’s very clear by the population ratio of our country. Isn’t it?  But why we don’t talk about it in our society I wondered. I was 14 years old when I finished reading “Kamasutra” on my red Nokia Express Music cell phone out of curiosity.

But as I am getting older I see lot of people who don’t care to talk about it. May be because we don’t care about it or we are just ignorant. Why do women tend to ignore this topic the most? Is it the dissatisfaction in the relationship or is it just because they didn’t experience it all.

One of my friends Prachi (name changed) told me the other day that she just don’t feel like doing it, it’s a burden for her which she just get over once her man is done with it. Another friend shared the same incident in which she shared, she don’t get wet while her man is all over her. Is it the problem with women or is it men?

Why do men don’t understand the importance of foreplay that is needed to make his girl swipe off her feet. Admiring her body, caressing every body part and arousing her to the place where she loses all her control and reaching the ultimate delight called “Orgasm”.  But all I hear is women being dissatisfied and done with it.

Most of the marriages go through this dry spell in our society and probably don’t realize that they are. As one of  my friend with kids says, she hates it and don’t want her man to do it at all, as he still don’t know what’s he is doing in a standard 7 minutes ejaculation window in India (Thanks Google for the info though).

I wonder is it not important in a relationship or do we just ignore this part of our lives like we like to ignore our other problems in life and not consider it all. After all we deserve happiness and a fulfilling life. Though I still don’t know how important it is, but I leave it upto you ladies.

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