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If you have read my previous blogs about Dark night of the soul and the coping mechanisms. You will be aware of all the changes happening with you at the moment. In this blog I will be talking about the ride that you’re on now and what all changes you’ll be noticing in it Cause its not gonna be as easy it seems. Don’t panic my friend, take baby steps. don’t rush the process. As I said earlier, its a process to unlearn and learn everything.


The first instinct that comes in your mind that nothing is wrong with me, and whatever I am feeling is just a part of my journey. Takes you with different lessons over again and again until you understand and learn it. These are the unspoken desires that your soul crave for and is to ready to experience now. Learning is an ongoing process, so are the realizations that you would be experiencing time to time.


Ego death would be the first step that will demolish while starting your journey. Many people find it the most difficult as change is not as easy we think it is. Ego will always stop you from being yourself. The true authentic self, the version who’s dying to come out of your body and soul. Things that satisfy our physical body will start fading away from your life. The things that gave you this immense pleasure once will not have any interest anymore. The places once gave you this amazing vibe will no longer resonate with you. The relationships you once thought were for you. will start to fade away. Suddenly the life you been thinking that you were living will be meaningless.


All of sudden the judgement you have and had for anybody will be gone. You will start feeling others reasons and behaviors behind their actions. Which apparently means less judgment, more acceptance. The moment the judgement is gone out of the picture, we began to see the reality with open eyes. Practicing no judgement starts from your inner circle itself. Next time when you sit with your relatives, friends and family. Go with an open mind without judging them on their behaviors. It’s a daily practice, fit in your coding.


After you stop judging people there comes the next feeling that you need to master is acceptance. The moment you start accepting the people the way they are. You would notice this strong feeling of being in control of your emotions. It will be difficult for people to make you bother with their shit anymore. Also, a sense of accepting your own toxic patterns and behaviors. The process is to accept your own emotions, your own feelings, your well being. Acceptance doesn’t mean being stuck in a toxic environment, with a victim mentality. Acceptance to accept that you’re responsible only for your own actions. And in order to walk the path, you gotta make those needed changes in your own life.


Any attachment with a thing, place or people often lead to the path of painful endings. Practicing detachment could lead to a fulfilling life. Which comes after we accept the reality of our life the way it is. That relationship didn’t work out, ,may be it was meant to be. A job that you fuckin hate, was meant to be replaced by something else. We create our own maze of different level of attachments by ourselves. By any means if something doesn’t work out than we immediately fall in the trap of disappointment.


Let go! However easily we say these words, but actually doing this wouldn’t be that easy. We often find ourselves saying this. “Had a bad relationship”, “let it go man!” “Had bad results in exam”, “let it go this time, perform better next time!” “the food wasn’t as great as the expectation”, “let it be”. These are some add scenarios in life that we find ourselves in. However it comes to practicing it in real, are we capable of doing that. Ask that question to yourself, and you’ll get your answer. The question that you have in your mind right now. “How do I surrender”. Is as simple as the water flows through the mountains. Or the breeze hit your face and moving through your hair.

Didn’t get it? Lemme explain a lil more. Surrendering is a feeling of accepting everything with a realization of your ego and than killing it with no judgement of thy selves and for others. By accepting self awareness and other’s ignorance without harming any being on this planet. Leaving behind the attachment to the superficial expectations and finally releasing all the burdens off your shoulder and surrendering to the Universe.


And let it work the magic! And remember! Miracles happens to those who believes in it!

By teejaysays

Together we unite, let love guide you through!

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