Hear me out!!
Hear me out!!

Hear me out!!

Sitting in the room where I grew up, nothing seems normal as it was an year ago. Tears rolling down the cheeks, heart beating faster than usual. All we can hear is a loss of somebody’s life every moment. Suddenly everything seems to be burning down under the fire. Global Pandemic is a real deal as it seems now.

Talking to self has become a normal habit for everyone, now nobody can pinpoint on it. As we have isolated ourselves not only from the world but also from ourselves. The beliefs are shaken, it doesn’t seem to end, unless not everyone gets hurt by the haunted reality.

Father was paralyzed in 2021 and now going through a will issue too. Keeping myself positive is becoming a task everyday. He don’t want to live, but can that we humans decide? I wish we could. They say god decides everything in this world, so is it true that what’s happening is decided by the Universe? Are we just a mere props in this circus called life?

However it is, it’s beyond understanding of my mind. Feels like my mental health is taking a toll on myself now. Wanna say so much but don’t want to explain. And explain, explain to whom? Who’s not going through a turmoil right now. We all are dwelling in our traumas at the moment.

As in this time I am going through this, I am sure there are people like me who’s going through the same. May be our stories are different, but feelings are same. At least I have a platform to write down my thoughts and feelings. However I am sure there are people who must be shouting in their heads & hearts, so that someone can only listen to them.

I’ve decided to utilize this platform in order to get connected with as many people as I can. As, as humans all we need is someone to listen sometimes. If you’re going through tough times at the moment and want to get your stories published here so that we build a community to support each other. Also, use my Podcast “Lets Talk” to get connected to as real people as I can. I would feel obliged to be connected for the same.

Corona is not only affecting us psychically, it’s denting our mental health too. Let’s stand by each other and not let anybody feel alone.

You can send your stories at tj@teejaysays.me where we will make sure your identity is kept anonymous if you want it to be. Let’s get connected humanity as this time shall pass too.

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