Guide for your Makeup Essentials! : Building up your MU Kit


Okay as in my previous blog I talked about how I will be talking about makeup. the deep understanding of makeup and other components that are equally important than just knowing the brand of the products. I never swear on any brand just cuz it’s high-end. Or so and so celebrity’s endorsing it. Or our so called influencers suggesting every third brand as their most favorite brand.

I am here to tell you how you don’t have to spend your fortune on expensive brands. Jus few tips and tricks with what you have in your kit and you good to go. Today, I am talking about the makeup kit one should own if you’re a student, working lady, housemaker or jus somebody who loves makeup but lighter on the pocket!

And trust me you don’t need a ton of different things. But jus lil of everything. So let’s start.

A makeup kit should swear with these items in it to give you the satisfaction of having a full make kit of your own.


Moisturizer: This depends upon one’s skin type. A normal moisturizer as per your choice can always work.

Sunscreen: Sunscreen is important for our skin not just for going out in sun. Even if you’re working indoors the skin gets the UV rays from our light blubs and laptop screens. Where your sunscreen on daily basis my friends.

Primer: A primer is something that makes your base smooth and silky. Make your skin even for a smooth application which makes your base flawless.


Liquid foundation: It’s best for daily use. Most of the liquid foundation doesn’t give your full coverage. Until it’s a full-coverage liquid foundation. It’s a good to go everyday base for quick application.

Cream foundation: Now, this one I would always recommend for the night vibe. As our face needs extra lighting and full coverage. This is best for special occasions. Wherein one is ready to slay the gram with pictures.

BB/CC Creams: This one is for my lovelies who don’t like to put much on the skin and just looking for some glow.


Eye Primer: Now this is something I would say you really need. It’s just good to have an eye primer if you’re a makeup addict. Other wise putting face primer on the eyes works too.

Eye shadows: Earthy tones for regular days. Party palette for the night. Also, it’s always your choice of shades and how many palettes you wanna own!

Mascara: Waterproof mascara always recommended.

Kajal: As per choice

Eye liner: As per choice

Eyebrow : Eyebrow filler or even if you don’t have it. I’ll teach you have to use eye shadow to fill in your eyebrows.


Blush & Highlighter: A palette that includes your blush and highlighter. Revolution got some awesome shades.

Contour & Color Corrector: You’d find a lot of pallets in market that offers that together. Krylon is one of them.


Those are never enough! Own as much as you want!


Makeup brushes

Beauty Blender

Brush cleanser

Cotton wipes



Cotton Wipes

Makeup removal wipes

Baby Oil

These are the basics that you need to complete your makeup kit.

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