Girl with the broken smile!


“Broken soul with a brightest smile,

Tears roll down when she thinks about them.

Didn’t you tell her, it was forever.

Or that forever meant till she interests you.

They say you lied, when she cried she didn’t lie.

Men see her with lust, women gave the shade.

Did your man tell, it was him who stared at her bust, first.

The love she lost, the pride that mattered,

It all got shattered in a day.

She smiled and asked why it happened to her.

The universe smiled and gave her the strength.

You my darling, I gave you all the pain cause you could hide.

It took courage to smile when the heart was broken.”

When they say a woman can make a house or break it. We all believe in it. Well, we all have been believing it all our lives. Why not because it’s the woman who starts the world and end it if needed.

Woman, a beautiful creature made by God to be the creator and the destroyer if needed.

Her beautiful smile hides the pain. A pain to be pinned down as weak and fragile. The delicate smile, the curve of her lips lighten up the whole world when she smiles.

When she was first told she couldn’t go out when she wanted to. The admirable curves on her body became her curse.

At the age of sixteen she saw her self in the mirror her bosoms blossomed like a flower blossoming in the springs. She smiled and blushed to see her own beauty. She didn’t know soon it’ll be objectified, her beauty will become her own enemy.

There she was unknown to her own power, the power of beauty and innocence. But the world saw just a piece of meat to be eaten raw. The eyes that scanned her upside down, made her question more and more.

Be more covered, stay home, look down while walking, be quite even if it killed you inside. She didn’t know why she had to pay the price. Was it because she was a woman or world had evil in their eyes.

All my life I had one question, is it my fault that I am a woman?

Don’t I have a right to be the authentic me. Or is it your shortcomings that you hiding behind me. My smile doesn’t mean I want to be in your arms. My heart aches when I see all I have become is human with no feels.

As I grow and grow old the fascination will die. There will be a new face that you’ll admire. The things that were attractive, will turn irrational. My tears will soon become a burden.

One day will come when nobody will care about me, I’ll be more of a chapter that was left unread in between. My broken smile will be all, left with me.

My pain will become my constant and the lost stories will be the story of my life!

By teejaysays

Together we unite, let love guide you through!

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