G-Talk : Introduction
G-Talk : Introduction

G-Talk : Introduction

Okay, I am gonna keep this blog as real as I can, to be honest I have tried writing this first blog since the beginning of my solo travelling journey. But boy o’ boy it’s something or the other thing that stopped me. Sometimes the beginning of the blog that doesn’t make any sense or sometimes the middle part. Finally decided today to write about this one. Cuz I have a short term memory, have lot of memories in life what to do Just got one brain to store everything. Enough of me complaining about the motivation. Let’s get straight to the point. Now this part of the blog will get you some “G-TALK” i.e. “Girl & Guy talks”.

I’ve been always been interested in human emotions and relationships. I wanna talk about relationships. Now you’ll think after being single everybody wants to be a relationship coach. To be honest that’s not the agenda I wanna talk about both the genders without any biasness. To find the core of the problem. To bring the solution. To enlighten others and myself on this journey. Cuz hey I am talking about people who loves love like me.

So if you resonate with this then go ahead and read this blog or just leave the page as it is, got no problem. But whatever the case remember there will be some triggering points for both the genders. Be gracias enough to bear the reality check. Cuz whatever teejay says, it comes from the place of pure love and compassion. But honey! Truth hurts!

Read it up people this is jus a beginning of a blog series where you will read real shit about real people. Real drama, real stories. Learn from this get prepared for you life. Gimme feedbacks, add your stories you would like to share with people. I would love to be your narrator!

Let’s co-create!

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