Freedom of Expression! or bullying?


Every now and then I see people being hateful to each other on social media. There is

this big wave of trolling and slut shaming people emerged on social media these days. Be it a celebrity, teenagers posting their videos lip syncing on different apps or just a normal person like me. No one is spared from this indecency online.

Recently I posted a picture of me sitting in bathrobe in a hotel room, well if you are in a hotel and you want to get clicked what’s wrong in it. I don’t know how I was instantly labeled as a “whore”. Well, I took screenshots of the comments and posted it on my Instagram account. Wherein my friends and family supported me for this, few people just questioned my gut, that why I am posting it instead I can just block them and move on.

All I want to say “I don’t give a damn”. Being a woman in today’s world on one side people ask you to be brave and raise your voice against any odds. But at the same time they are the hypocrites who ask you to just forget and move on and let these people take a toll on you. How is it OK for someone not knowing me commenting on me weather I am a whore or not? How is it OK to comment indecent comments on my posts? How it is OK to just ignore the cheapness and just block and forget?

No! It’s not OK. It’s not OK for anybody to say any rubbish they want to. It’s not OK to just block that person and forget about it. People often forget that the way they treat other people shows their mentality. I am angry and saddened at the same time because the bubble I live in that “BE NICE TO PEOPLE AND THEY WILL BE NICE TO YOU” is just a bubble.

Why one does has to put somebody into the situation wherein they lose their confidence, or they feel bad about themselves. However all I want people to do is “DON’T BLOCK, FORGET AND MOVE ON”. These people need to know that these things will not affect us. Not today, not tomorrow or in future. Anybody tries to put you down, don’t just sit there and expect the world to be nicer to you. Get up and fight your fight so that next time he/she will think thousand times before trolling or bullying someone else.

At the end what we think about ourselves changes the way people see us. Don’t let anybody divert your focus from the fact that you are free. You are free to post anything (nothing that offends anybody), you are free to love yourself, and you are your own motivation. Incidents like these make me stronger as I learnt that the people who can just sit behind their computer screens/phones and write sh*t on other people’s posts are the sadist, who feed on other people’s pain and attention. Don’t let them shake the confidence and love that you have for yourself. Just be you! Don’t let them win! Call out them in public or if needed take a professional help.

It’s just not about few comments or messages that you received from someone. It’s about the impact that leaves on one’s heart and mind. Not everybody is strong enough to handle this cyber bullying. Yes! Bullying just doesn’t mean the threats that somebody gives you. Calling out people names, slut shaming, indecent remarks everything comes under this. As these things leaves a major impact on human minds which later leads to bigger and drastic steps towards one’s life. Let’s be more sensible with our rights. For example “Right to freedom of opinion and expression”.

By teejaysays

Together we unite, let love guide you through!

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