Comfort Zone!


Life is been quite surprising and amazing in the last few months. Oops! Just before I move forward let me tell you I am living awesome college life in Pearl Academy which I never had before, being a dropout in college. But as I say “When you wish for it, Universe works for it”. I love fashion, and everything related to it gives me immense happiness. So I decided to do Fashion Media Makeup course though it’s about to get over and that’s the sad part. But the good news is I am gonna be a certified make up artist now. Yayy!

So one of my batch mate Cherry decided to do an editorial look on me and I modelled (You know I love getting clicked, #1400 posts on Instagram haha). Being the sweetheart she is she gifted me a chunky neck piece, which is AMAZING! I love it. Thank you Cherry again. That piece inspired me to create the editorial look for my portfolio.

Initially, I wanted a business suit with a lace bralette. I wanted to do smokey eyes with sleek hair hairstyle and nude lips for this look. The look was decided, the theme was set now comes the main task i.e. the model. While scrolling up and down on my Instagram, I came across with Sanchita Arora’s profile.

The girl I met in Tomorrowland 2015 where we had the time of our lives. Crazy trips, lots of parties and memories that we can always cherish together whenever we meet. I would describe her as the fun-loving and the girl next door who’s always so graceful and proper in her business suits attire and I must say she always looks bomb! As I approached her she instantly said yes. What a darling she is.  However, when we were discussing the look she changed my vision completely. As she didn’t have the business suit I was looking for.

I asked what all clothes she has right now and she then shared the picture of the jumpsuit she recently bought from H&M. It was a Cargo Jumpsuit in khaki colour. And there was Sanchita posing for me in the jumpsuit the way I wanted. Now I no longer wanted to do the business suit look as soon as I saw the jumpsuit. So again I reevaluated the whole look and my neck piece was right at the place the way I imagined.

Coming to the look now, the smokey eyes were changed to the silver eye shadow I used to match the neck piece. Instead of doing the sleek hair I went for soft messy wavy hair. Bronzing was the key element of today’s editorial look. Keeping that in mind I had a vision of dark brown lips for her, however, she wanted to go with magenta as she is more comfortable in pinks and nude lip colours. But I could see her only in those dark brown lips. Being as amazing as always she is she let me do what I wanted to. And I must say she is the most cooperative and professional model I dealt with, and guess what this was her first shoot. Can’t make it by the pictures, right? After all the hustle bustle I must say I got what I wanted, the bold and beautiful!

Sometimes we should get out of our comfort zone and just experiment. Sanchita, darling you are amazing and thanks for letting me work on you. You are hawt !!

Stay tuned till my next lookbook!


Rocking the complete look


Lots of love!

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